Monday, May 25, 2009


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I'm not usually one to get into "entertainment" stuff too much. I mean, I catch stuff here and there but it really affects my life in no way whatsoever. This "Jon and Kate plus Eight" thing is different though.

It all makes me so sad. Not in a "that's too bad" sort of way, but in a "I am truly in a funk because of this" sort of way! It all gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Maybe that's because I think what has happened to them could happen to almost any family in America that forgets what their priorities should be for any amount of time.

What happened (or is happening) to them is the reason I say over and over to myself (on a bad work day), "My job is not my life. My job is not my life." Interesting, since in tonight's show Jon said something about how living his life has turned into his job--a business.

Part of what made that show fun to watch a few years ago is how those two interacted with one another. He was the laid back goofy dad and she was the anal-retentive outspoken wife. If I'm being honest, Eric and I could fit into that mold as well (although hopefully not to that extent)! I make lots of decisions and Eric goes along. Until Eric makes a decision and *I* go along. He knows that he's got final say. He just doesn't usually care much about the every day decisions that need to be made. Anyway, I digress...

When watching tonight's show I saw them giving an uber expensive birthday party; the kids running around in this brand new humongous house (with land); and Kate talking about how she was "there" for her kids--oh, except for when that darn book tour pulls her away.

WAKE UP!!!!!! I'm sorry. I don't want to judge. I suppose that's what I'm doing though. Families throughout history have raised larger families than 8 kids, with a tiny fraction of the room the Gosselin family has. Kids don't have to have birthday parties with bouncy toys and magicians, and THIRTY friends! Kids don't need all of this "stuff" to feel protected, fed, happy, and loved.

So yeah...the money must be good if you're "Jon and Kate." But it obviously hasn't brought happiness. What if. What if they just stepped back, quit spending their money on all of this STUFF, quit the show, Jon got a job, and they started living real life again. Could it really be so much worse than it is for them now? I grieve for those kids to think about what they will see one day when they are old enough to understand. I'm not talking just about what they would see on google. I'm talking just about the show itself. I am deeply, deeply, saddened for them all. I hope they can find their way back to each other.


Nicole Anderson 10:45 PM  

I just got done watching the show too. I too, am so sad. I wish one family could just be real. I agree that they need to step back and try to remember what life was like before.
It does make me treasure "real life".
I too, feel bad for the kids involved.

Erika 5:59 AM  

What I wonder is... what is going to happen when TLC is no longer their main source of income? TLC is the reason they have the lifestyle they do. How 'real' is it for BOTH parents to stay home and get paid to have a camera in their face and a bodyguard with them 24/7? Not so much.

Thankfully, kids adapt and adjust much easier than adults, but I still wonder how this situation will turn out when their 15 minutes of fame are over...

A. Gillispie 8:22 AM  

See, but that is what I'm saying. They aren't living real life. Jon needs to have a job! And I don't just mean for money. It's so obvious that he isn't happy not going to work and having a job. Eric was laid off for 6 weeks once and during that time he was home with the kids every day. He told me at that time that he could just never do that full time. He NEEDED to be out in the job force providing for his family. He needed to be AWAY. Not that he didn't totally adore his children, but I think men (most men) are just wired differently.

FullPlateMom 9:30 AM  

I need to work. I spent 18 months at home with my eldest, no outside job, just the job of being a mom. I have never been more insane in my whole life. I couldn't relate to anyone that wasn't a big, fuzzy or Disney Channel character and I felt worthless. My husband works, but if we suddenly hit the lotto, he'd quit tomorrow to just be "dad". I don't think I would. I love the child care centers I own, and I love being a peds nurse. I love my kids too, but I just felt the drive to be outside the home as well. Now I work when he doesn't and vice versa, that way we both have a life "away". I do it because I need to, he does it because he makes more money.

Cora 11:59 AM  

I agree, I used to love the show because of how they related to each other it reminded me so much of how my hubby and I are together. They used to seem real people. Now everything seemed staged, I remembered one episode where Jon was at the computer and he kept telling the camera he was checking his insuance with allstate, It was annoyingly obvious product placement. Same with the food Kate feeds the kids.
I just feel they lost touch with what makes them happy. I hope they are able to find that again.

Laurel 4:53 PM  

Good post! So sad that our society has turned regular families into celebrities. People almost worship families like Jon & Kate and The Duggars. So sad!

I can't imagine living my life in front of a camera. How could it be "real"?

mama of 13

We are Grateful!!! 11:13 AM  

I watched the new show, where they don't know what is coming next for their marrage. I have always had a hard time with Jon and Kate. Watching "pure chaos" for a half hour or more is not my way to relax! Kate doesn't talk respectfully to her husband and it appears he has his issues as well. It is just so sad. I ditto your thoughts about them getting back to what is real. T