Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Did you ever have a weakness that you just couldn't get a handle on no matter how much you wish you had a handle on it? Okay, food is ONE such weakness for me, but NOT the topic of this blog post! This post is about animals. Specifically, dogs.

My dad was the same way. When I was growing up we had dogs constantly. Sometimes more than one dog. And once he moved out to the country, my dad would take in every stray that walked onto the property. I think at one point we had 19 dogs (dogs and puppies) because when you're in the country people dump their dogs ALL the time.

Now I live in the city. It's a good thing because if I didn't, I'd probably have 19 dogs too! Today I read on Craig's list that there was a Husky about to be put down today if someone didn't come and get him. That was it. Our Husky/Akita mix is EASILY the best dog we've ever had. And we've always sort of wanted a Husky. But even if he didn't end up being a good fit for us I could at least save him from being killed!

Off I headed to the far opposite end of town to the suburbian shelter he was at. The adoption fee is fully refundable after proof of sterilization. AND if something is going on with the animal that makes it where you absolutely can't keep it, they will refund the fee and take the animal back no questions asked for 7 days. With all of that, how could I NOT pick up this dog?

He is absolutely beautiful. Classic Husky--silver and white with ice blue eyes. He's "blowing coat" just like our Husky/Akita, which probably made him undesirable to folks who would have otherwise adopted him. We are already chin-deep in fur right now, so going to knee-deep isn't such a big deal.

He and Kilo are getting along as if they were litter-mates. It is unreal. Kilo's one big "flaw" is that she is pretty food posessive. She shared her food and water bowl with this dog immediately!

Our new husky friend is doing great with the kids. He's obviously not been an inside dog, so we will have to work on the "hiking" that is taking place. Urgh. He's a little whiney and worried in the house but hopefully will get used to that. I have high hopes that we can make him a permanent part of our family.

The kids want to name him Jedadiah--Jed. [After the mini cowboy on Night of the Museum.]


Bingaling 11:01 AM  

Gosh, I just hate kill shelters!! Glad you found this fur-kid just in time. Hopefully he fits right in.

Heather A. 11:08 AM  

Love the new addition, he's so beautiful. I'm a sucker for the rescue dogs too and knowing that the doggie was going to death row would seal the deal for me too!