Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Enyo. This is our new guy. I think he's going to "stick" but it's still a bit to early to tell. The two doggie kiddos are trying to figure out pecking order at the moment, talking back and forth at each other, as Huskies do. Isn't he perdy?! Our living room carpet looks as if *IT* is shedding! LOL!The name is the Ewe (Ghanaian Tribe) word for "It's Okay." Enyo.



Cora 10:28 PM  

What a handsome dog. I am so glad you found him.

blessedfamily 11:40 PM  

what a beautiful dog!

whenpigsfly 1:19 PM  

He is beautiful Anita!!!!! I am sure he will be very happy in the land of Banku, pho and fried spiders!!