Thursday, May 28, 2009

In 10 Days....

I will be holding Kendi Mabel!!!! Seriously, I am one blessed mommy.

After a lot of starts and stops (more stops than starts) the tickets have finally been purchased for my departure to bring home two precious little ones for their adoptive family. I'll leave on the 6th of June and get back home on the 13th. This will be my shortest time in Ghana EVER. In fact, I wish it could be longer. Lots to do. But I'll just have to make the most of my time.

I am, of course, most excited to be able to hold my baby girl! Kendi turns 2 years old on June 5th. I'm not sure I will want to be apart from her at all while I'm in Ghana. I can just wrap her onto my back and take her with me to important meetings, right? ;-) I can sleep on the floor at Eban House, right?

By the way, it's official and I can now share that Eban House is moving! We're moving to a lovely facility near our current home. There will be a blog post (and pics!) on the AAINews Blog within the next day or so!



We are Grateful!!! 4:53 PM  

So excited for you to get to hold Kendi soon. Excited about Eban House and for R and J getting their welcome bags, plus all the good news on the forums today. My carpet is going to wear out in my living room from all the dancing!!!
Bless you,
PS. Angelina needs to "step aside", Kendi has the prettiest kissy lips on the planet.

Cora 6:07 PM  

I am so happy you will be holding her soon. Love those pouty little lips so precious.

Amy 6:53 PM  

So glad for you that you get to hold that gorgeous angel in your arms so soon!


Bingaling 7:27 PM  

Gosh, Anita...she is just growing and filling out and looking so huggable and kissable! So excited for you to be headed to Ghana soon. Love on all those special kiddos for me!

A. Gillispie 8:21 PM  

She is so kissable with those lips, right?! Ahhh!!! I am blessed with another daughter who also has those extremely gorgeous "put Angelina to shame" lips! I have a friend who is into feet on kiddos. For me, it's the lips!

Zimmerman family 10:55 PM  

I am SO excited for you and Miss Kendi Mabel!!! Give her a hug from her Auntie Hilda too!!