Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daddy Love and Mommy Love

I just adore this picture of Kendi. She is cuddling a dad that recently traveled to meet his own new daughters at Eban House. I hope this wonderful family doesn't mind me posting a pic with dad's face! I just melted when I saw this picture because it gives me so much HOPE that Kendi will accept her daddy quickly. Bright was a hard sell. It took time for him to learn to love daddy. Heck--it took time just for him to learn to share his mommy! After almost a month in Ghana together on our own, he thought I was his and he was mine and that was that. The daddy and sibling that isn't what he signed up for! LOL! Of course now he adores his daddy.

Now that I actually know when I'm going to Ghana I find that a flood of emotions is hitting me. I have met our daughter. I have kissed her and hugged her and rocked her and laughed with her. But at the time I didn't know she was my daughter. I had a HOPE and a DREAM, but I also had a husband who didn't know if he ever planned to adopt again, let alone during this season of our lives. It is a miracle in my mind that this ball of joy in Ghana actually truly became my daughter. My hope of hopes came true. come the tears....the first since my husband said we could adopt her...

When I hold Kendi Mabel again in 10 days, I will be holding my baby! My last born. The daughter of my heart since the day I met her in January. When I kiss her, it will be mommy kisses. When I hug her it will be mommy hugs. I can profess my love for her over and over and over again without worrying that I am "favoring" her over the other kids. I can just be her mommy and love every minute of it.

Thank you Lord for the amazing blessing of Kendi Mabel.



Bethany 8:39 AM  

She is precious! So cuddly. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to be spoiled with lots of hugs and kisses. Happy travels.