Sunday, May 31, 2009


Kendi, in the arms of one of her EH Aunties. One day she will have hair! We have faith!

We got Kendi's adoption decree, and it is FINAL!!!!!

For those that don't know, in Ghana you can get a "full and final" adoption decree or a "2 year interim" adoption decree. Ghana's judges are favoring interim adoptions more and more these days. It's not a big deal. It just means that you need to send a post placement report to Ghana after two years, go to court again (not in person) and get the full and final decree. In the mean time, most states would probably let you readopt in the state before the 2 years, but some may not. Getting a final adoption decree basically saves us a bit of time and money two years down the road. YEA!!!!!!

I almost cried when I saw her name with GILLISPIE at the end. I've known our adoption passed for two weeks, but seeing the decree is icing on the cake!!!!



~R~ 3:02 PM  

Congrats! So when do you expect to be able to bring her home? Are you getting close?

Salzwedel Family 4:38 PM  

Congrats! That must be such a relief. I am praying we get the same.

Jena 4:49 PM  


Jen 4:52 PM  

Congratulations! What great news for the Gillispies!


We are Grateful!!! 5:20 PM  

Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Praise God!!!!!!

Amy 7:12 PM  

Great news Anita! So glad you'll be holding that lil' Gillispie in your arms in just a little while now. :)


whenpigsfly 11:26 PM  

Praise God for this wonderful news Anita!!! Can't wait to show Miss Kendi the baby goats, summer pigs, and all the Calico Acres creatures!! My kiddos are asking when your kiddos are coming to visit, because "its summer now"...hint!!!

Cora 8:14 AM  


Terynn 10:35 PM  

Congratulations on your newest daughter! She is lovely!