Monday, June 01, 2009

Ready? OKAY!

Taevy's first cheerleading class was Saturday. I assumed that the teacher would start at the beginning. "What is a cheerleader?" But she seemed to assume that the girls knew WAY more than they did! Let me just say...this chick may be a good cheerleader but she's not likely to win any awards for TEACHING.

I watched Taevy struggle through class, not understanding that her movements should be stiff, or that her voice should be strong and confident. She didn't know what spirit was when the teacher said, "Let's spirit!" Honesty, I didn't know "spirit" was a verb either! LOL!

All that said, she did have a GREAT time. She didn't know her teacher wasn't breaking things down enough. I told her that once upon a childhood I was a cheerleader too. She didn't believe me. I mean, why would she? This fat mama does NOT fit the cheerleader mold! LOL! But we've been practicing the last few days and now she believes that I was once scrunching my pom pons with the best of them. =-)

I have to say, it has been really fun to have a shared interest. Not that I sit and pine about my cheerleading days, but it's fun reach into the recesses of my mind to pass on whatever knowledge I have. And I'm proud to say that with only 2 practices with good 'ol mom, Taevy is doing MUCH better! She's found her cheerleader voice, has learned what "pinch a penny" means, and the sides of her legs are sufficiently red from her own hands slapping the sides of her legs!


Cora 10:02 PM  

How sweet. Our cheerleaders (I was never coordinated enough to be one of them) always said "Ready? You Bet" My husband still does not get it when I answer Ready? with You Bet.
Glad she is having fun.