Monday, May 04, 2009

The verdict is in (on two counts)

1. Very happy so far with my homemade dishwasher soap!

2. I think I like my new camera! Went out to play with the macro today and was pleased. Also pleased with how it records video in low light.


Cora 8:09 PM  

Ok I have to know what you are using for dishwasher soap because ours was not that great. The laundry soap we loved, I just made a batch this weekend!
and glad you are enjoying the camera.

A. Gillispie 8:44 PM  

Maybe I've just gotten lucky with the dishwasher soap? We just mixed up equal parts of washing soda and borax. I read somewhere that adding salt is good, but I didn't do that. We put vinegar in the part for a rinsing agent. I kept reading that some dishes came out with a film on them but ours were just as good as they usually are. I also read somewhere that the newer high end dishwashers don't seem to do well with the homemade stuff. Guess this is one time I'm glad we have a cheap dishwasher!
Anita...who hopes you have more news on BB soon!