Wednesday, June 03, 2009

4 cups

I went to Target today to get my typical stuff for travel (shampoo, soap, etc.). I went by the $1 section and saw these cute kids cups. I bought 4 of them--one for each of my kids--without even thinking about it. Got home....unpacked the stuff I bought...and realized I bought a cup for my precious one still in Ghana.

But I'll tell you what. I'm keeping that cup. And we're going to celebrate when she drinks from that cup for the first time!


Jen 10:22 PM  

How fun! I know what you mean though. Since we planned to adopt two originally, I have felt like I have four kids for two years now! It will be nice to actually be telling the truth when I say I have four kids!


whenpigsfly 10:31 PM  

How awesome that you are already on "Mom of 4" auto pilot! Kendi Mae will be home almost before you know it!!

Heather A. 6:45 AM  

You know, it's funny that you say that. I think it was yesterday or maybe the day before that. . . anyway... You sent an email about your daughter. It was the first time that I remember you referring to Kendi as nothing more than "your daughter". Before, you've referred to her as Kendi or Kendi Mable or Mable or #4. I think your brain finally caught up with your heart!!! YEAH!!! You ARE a momma to four beautiful kiddos!