Thursday, June 04, 2009

T minus 38 hours....

Stress. I hate the last few days before leaving for Ghana. And this time it has seemed particularly stressful because of work stuff mixing with my personal emotions for the adoption. There's always this strange mix "I don't want to go" mixed with "I wish I was already there!"


*The additional evidence needed for our I-600a (hopeful) approval is sitting next to me as I write. Our awesome social worker and our awesome doctors came together and pulled it off in two days! Heading to FedEx soon, where it will arrive tomorrow morning at our USCIS office.

*I will, in fact, be holding my youngest in less than 72 hours.

Prayer Requests:

*Quick I-600a approval (next week please Lord!)
*Quick I-600 approval
*no issues with the visa medical (a bit different than usual because of Kendi's special needs)
*Horrible headache, like really really bad headache, like I want to take major pain killers headache. Be gone!
*Eban House is currently in chaos as we move from one house to the other with over 30 children. Think about the chaos of moving day with a few kids, then make it "moving week" instead...and multiply by 10. The kids are bored and on edge. I just want them to be in their new beds in their new house ASAP. But that won't likely be until Monday.

To do (just being honest):
*Dye the hair so Auntie Comfort doesn't say I look 45 (again)
*Pluck the eyebrows (so I don't look old AND hairy)
*shave legs (see above)
*wash the clothes
*pack all of the dossiers and welcome bags
*pack other donations
*try to keep the carry on as light as possible (this is actually a futile effort for me)
*clean the house
*pack up 3 kids for a week at grandma's house
*write the emergency contact list
*call travel agent
*check in to flight
*stop trying to escape the to do list by posting on the blog!


Heather A. 3:44 PM  

Oh, have mercy! I cracked up when I read your to do list! I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. that auntie Comfort said you look 45!!!! Just for the record, you do NOT look 45.

A. Gillispie 5:01 PM  

She totally did! It was before I dyed my hair. Well...maybe that's part of the reason I started dyeing my hair!!!! ;-) It must make a difference because after I started doing it everybody at church was saying how good I looked but nobody pinpointed what was different!

Jasmine 7:18 PM  

Praying all goes well!
Where did you get your necklace? I love it! When I was in Ghana earlier this year a woman was wearing one like it but said she had gotten it at home (She was European) I would love to buy one!


A. Gillispie 8:31 PM  

My husband got the necklace for me for our 10th anniversary. =-) Someone sells them on You can get them in various styles. I LOVE it.


Amy 11:38 PM  

I, too, enjoyed your "to do" list and must concur that you DO NOT look 45! Oh boy! Will be praying for you my friend and wishing all good things for the trip.

Moving Week sounds really icky. Eeeew. But, enjoy your sweet baby... This will be the first time you hold her as Mom and daughter!!! How amazing!!!


Laurel 12:24 AM  

I don't think you look 45 ... nor do most people think I look my age (which is over 45). However, have to tell you a funny from my trip last month.

Sitting at the Embassy, I see someone that looks familiar. I finally move a bit so that I can get a closer look, and I am sure ... it is Edward.

When Lanae is called to the window, I move with her and walk in front of Edward. When I turn to him and say, "Hi Edward. Do you remember me?" He says, "(pause) ... Anita?" "No ... Laurel."

So ... hoping that means I look young like you.

:) :) :)

Ericka 8:36 AM  

Hey, nothing wrong with 45!! :)
Have a safe flight and love on that baby!

whenpigsfly 9:27 AM  

Well as one who is only claiming 42 as an age, I can tell you you don't look anywhere close to that!!! But hair dye is a good friend anyhow!
We will be praying for you every day ...for your at home guy, your gramma-visiting kiddos, and your Ghana adventure too!!
NOW go pluck those eyebrows ( I wish I had some!! My morning routine is to draw some on as soon as I can see clearly enough to do so ;-( )
Shave those legs and I BET YOU that ole headache will go away!!