Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Kendi!

Today is Kendi Mabel's 2nd birthday. Boy has she overcome a lot to get to this point. What a day to celebrate life! From my friend in Ghana I hear, "The birthday girl is in a good mood today! Smiles and laughing!" Just that little update was so precious to receive. Just to know that she is smiling and laughing on her 2nd birthday.

Happy Birthday baby girl!!! See you soon!



Calmil2 8:59 AM  

Oh she is such a cutie!! Your DVD is on it's way. Have a great trip.

whenpigsfly 9:20 AM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MISS KENDI! Can't wait till we can meet you face to ace!!
Love Aunti Linda and all the cousins at Calico Acres Farm!!

Cora 10:16 AM  

What a special day! I am sure it feels so good to get positive updates like that and you will be there so soon to see those smiles in person.

Andrea 7:24 AM  

She is such a beautiful little girl! Happy belated birtday to her!