Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Case Scenario

Back on February 24th I wrote down what I thought at the time would be our best case scenario for getting Kendi home. For a few months I kept track of that imagined time frame. I obsessed over it. Then something happened that made me figure it would be September before she would be home, so I let go of the obsessing. I decided to look back at that time frame tonight. It was pretty interesting, now that we're almost to the end of each item on the list. Here's the original "hoped for" time frame, and when things have actually happened so far.

I-600a MAILED: February 27, 2009 (same)

HOMESTUDY COMPLETE: April 1, 2009 === April 3, 2009 (actual)

ACCEPT REFERRAL: April 1, 2009 === April 3, 2009 (actual)

HOMESTUDY ACCEPTED BY USCIS: April 15, 2009 === April 7, 2009 (actual)

DOSSIER IN GHANA: April 15, 2009 === April 16, 2009 (actual)

USCIS FINGERPRINTING: by end of April, 2009 === May 8, 2009 (actual)

GO TO COURT: by end of May 2009 === May 14, 2009 (actual)

COURT DECREE ISSUED: mid-June 2009 === May 30, 2009 (actual)

I-600a APPROVED: mid-June 2009 === approved June 5, 2009, received June 18, 2009 (actual)

TRAVEL FOR I-600 SUBMISSION: end of June, 2009 === June 8, 2009, but actual adjudication began June 19, 2009

HOME WITH KENDI MAY: end of July, 2009 ==== ?????????

I am really shocked that we have made it so far down the list and are actually ahead of the "best case scenario" time frame. Ghana adoptions are nothing if not tumultuous and unpredictable. While one person flies through another person can be delayed for months, when both cases look the same on paper. We have been INCREDIBLY blessed to have things to so smoothly. I want to say, "The Lord has surely blessed us." (and he has) but that seems to indicate that those who are having more typical (i.e. slower) timelines are somehow not blessed. And that isn't the truth. I don't understand His ways--while one faithful Christian family has a longer process than another. And I'm not so naive as to think that we are in the clear and have no potential for delay at this point. I have a friend whose children have visas, but have still been delayed because of a freak mistake. I can happen. My friend's graciousness and faith is a testimony to me every day!

I guess I just want to put this time frame out there as a huge PRAISE GOD. I want to give Him the glory for how quickly things have gone. Certainly nothing could go forward in this process without Him. At least, that is my belief.

I've felt pretty patient for my baby girl. It's been 5 months since the Lord whispered to me that I was supposed to be her mommy. I haven't cried over her (much). I didn't even cry when I left her in Ghana last week. But now that we're at the final two steps it's getting much more difficult. There are four kids in my heart, and only three kids in my home. I did it again this weekend--counted kids. The kids were filing past me to go out and ride bikes. One...two...three...four. Where's #4? Oh yeah. Ghana.

Please pray with me that the powers that be in Ghana would find her I-600 petition easily approvable. And then, after that approval, that her visa process is quick and without incident. By God's grace we could still have our baby girl home by end of July. But only by His grace.



Amy 11:32 PM  

WOW! I had a lot to catch up on after being gone since last Friday, both on your blog and on the AAI group. It was wonderful to hear about your time and though our paths haven't been crossing too much lately, I hope you know you and your family are in my heart Miss Anita. I am praying for you all. Your baby girl is precious and she'd make a fine pirate, that's for sure! ;)


Cora 8:30 AM  

Hope she is home so soon!

whenpigsfly 10:21 AM  

I so understand what you said about being blessed, and NOT meaning that others with different (slower) time frames are NOT. I feel that way about my guys going to war.we have been SO blessed that we have sent our guys, my husband, my sons, over and over again and they have all come home with and to open arms and shouts of ITS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!!!
Several of our close friends have lost loved ones and yet I know that they TOO are blessed. I feel so un-worthily blessed, and humbled as I pray for my guys and the families of others. It makes me all the more thankful that I am NOT God.
HOW wonderful it would be if your mom could go with you to Ghana for this trip Anita! The escort /travel with Eric to Port of Entry has its merits too, and Iwill be praying that God show you the clear path you are to take as He continues to show His faithfulness !