Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on Adoption Financing

It's been a while since I updated everybody on how the finances are going with our adoption. Here's a breakdown of what has been paid and what is left to pay.

USCIS expenses: paid through personal savings

Homestudy expenses: paid through personal savings

AAI Agency Fee: paid through personal savings

AAI Ghana Program Fee: mostly paid through grant

First Trip to Ghana: no personal cost, because I was escorting two children home for AAI

So what we have left is the last 1/3 of our Ghana fee, and the cost of our pickup trip. Through a very generous friend we will be able to pay out the rest of our AAI fees, so much per month. Not a grant, not a loan, but a blessing none the less.

This leaves us with the pickup trip. Tickets prices to Ghana will soar from here until September. One option that we have recently begun to consider is having Kendi escorted home. The escort cost is $3000 (or the cost of the escort + child's ticket--whichever is greater). If we had Kendi escorted Eric and I could then travel together to the US Port of Entry to meet our daughter and bring her home the rest of the way. We figure we would take a day just to be with her, before coming home. I missed having that special time, just me, Eric, and our newest child, during Bright's adoption. It just didn't work out. It would be nice to have time with hubby and baby before joining the rest of the clan. I figure that option would cost around $4000.

We have been saving every penny we can, and currently have $1500 towards our final expenses. We continue to trust that the Lord will provide in time that we won't be delayed in bringing Kendi home. He has been so faithful to us throughout this journey. The remaining expenses are nothing to my God. He can provide for such needs in amazing ways.



Cora 8:20 AM  

Financing is so tough but somehow it seems to all come together. I hope you find the funds you need.

Take Care,

whenpigsfly 10:01 PM  

How great is our God that He has enabled you to raise so much already!!! I know He isn't done with you or with me in showing us new and creative ways to be blessed ( and to bless !)with that all essential adotpion funding!
Love you!

Anonymous 7:03 AM  


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