Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Week

Wow. It's been a busy week. This week we've welcomed baby Ryder to the family during the day. I've mentioned him before on the blog. He's my cousin's first child. He's about 6 weeks old now. Can I just say? It is *WAY* different having a 6 week old than it was having a 6 month old! He is totally sweet. And his smile absolutely melts me.

So far it has been a challenge to love and care for this most adorable baby boy while also getting my AAI work done during the day.'s been a week where I've needed to work around 3 hours each evening to stay caught up. Even three days into our time with Ryder I can already feel we are getting into a groove. It will get better, I'm sure!

I am thinking about all of the changes that are coming to our family in the next 4 months, and it is a bit daunting. Ryder is here now (during the day). That's one. Hopefully, Kendi will be coming home in the next 6 weeks. That's two. The big kids start homeschooling on August 7th*. That's three. Then in September/October I'll be watching a then 3-4 month old short-term. That's four. Three of those things will be happening within about a month of each other!

In an ideal word everything would be spaced out. I'd get used to one new thing before adding another. But it's probably not going to happen that way. And, I don't know if I would choose for it to be another way. It is what it is. It will be a challenging season in my life, but probably one I will never forget! If we're really lucky maybe Eric's kidney transplant will happen the same week that Kendi comes home and the kids start homeschool! LOL!

*Since my kids are doing a "virtual academy" that is technically through the public school system, they have to go to school according to the public school calender. It is one BIG compromise in us choosing to do this program.


Amy 9:03 PM  

If anybody can handle all that, it is you Anita! I'll be praying for you through all of these transitions. :)


A. Gillispie 9:06 PM  

Fabu, you MUST remind me of that when I call you a blubbering mess in a few months! LOL!

A. Gillispie 9:07 PM  

Wait...that came out wrong...I don't intended to call you a blubbering mess. You aren't a blubbering mess. I would be the blubbering mess!

Amy 10:06 PM  

Ha! I totally got you the first time- and sister, feel free to call IF there are any blubbering messes in your future. Somehow I think you'll pull it all off. :)