Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can I really complain?

Am I ready for my baby girl to come home? Yes.

Am I struggling to understand why her I-600 is taking longer than some others even though it's WELL within the 30 day time frame that is typical? Yes.

Should I be struggling? Heavens no! It's only been 13 business days days since I filed and only 6 business days since they began adjudicating my case (because of a missing document).

Am I worried that something is going to trip her up at the end of the process and keep her from coming home when I want her to? Of course. Because of her special needs there is an additional piece to the immigration paperwork. Ghana isn't very experienced with it. And what should take about 10 business days could easily take 8 weeks. But still, should I worry? No.

Can I really complain when it has only been 4.5 months since we began the adoption process and only 12 weeks since we officially g0t Kendi's referral? No. I can't. I just can't.

I've got several families on my heart right now that have been waiting a needlessly long time to be united with their Ghanaian children. You know who you are, sweet families. One family's I-600 has already taken way longer than mine, and it will cause them to come home without their children. One family has had more court cancellations than I've ever heard of in Ghana (and THAT is saying something). One family is delayed even though the kids' visas have been approved. More than one family is only waiting on a passport so that their visas can be issued, but the passport timing is so unpredictable. Other families have already been referred and bonded with their Ghanaian children, only to learn that they may not be able to complete the adoption at all due to a potential problem with the orphanage.

These families are going through so much MORE than we have gone through with the wait for Kendi. And all of the above families are doing it with such grace...such strength. I feel like a complete wimp next to them. Because sometimes I feel I may die if Kendi isn't home before September--a mere 5 months after her referral when the AVERAGE is 6-8 months from referral to homecoming. Some of these families have waiting way longer than the "average" already. But they remain ever-hopeful. They remain committed to their children and to the process. They don't wish someone would just pay someone else off so that this could all be done with! They are committed to ethical adoption processes and are willing to "pay the price" for that decision. God bless them. Really Lord...bless them. I love you, dear families. You keep me strong.



Amy 10:31 PM  

Sigh. What to say? Waiting for your child to come home to you just is plain painful, isn't it? Delay and even fear of delay is too intense to handle when all you want is your child in your arms. Any time away is just too long, isn't it?! And you, being as informed as you are, are more aware of potential delays than anyone else, so I'm sure that makes it even more worrisome in lots of ways. No ignorance is bliss for you Anita!

I agree- these families are doing amazingly well with it all. So tough. So very tough. Good news, and oodles of it, just HAS to be around the bend doesn't it?! :)


Cora 10:17 AM  

Everything does seem to hit at once. I hope that all the children are united with thier waiting parents soon. It seems like it should be so simple and yet it is the complicated process that I have ever seen.
Take Care,