Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breathing In, Breathing Out (again)

It's funny how some blog titles come to you more than once. I already have a blog post titled "Breathing In, Breathing Out."

We finally got our I-171h (I-600a approval) in the mail today! This comes 2 weeks after we had verbal confirmation from our USCIS office that the petition was approved. I am so thankful to have it! I immediately scanned it and sent it to DHS in Ghana, in hopes that they will begin adjudicating our I-600. Another adoptive mom who filed the same day as me now has I-600 approval (so happy for her!). I pray that our turn-around will be just as fast now that our I-171h is there. Please pray with us!

Miss Kendi Mae has gotten lots of special love from my friend who is currently in Ghana. Her girls (especially the eldest) and Kendi have a special relationship. It's so nice to be here in America and know without a shadow of a doubt that my child is loved and cherished in Ghana. I honestly didn't cry when I left her. I feel THAT good about where she is. Her Aunties love her. Her Eban House brothers and sisters love her. And the visiting parents love her too.

I wish I was an optimist when it comes to my own adoption experiences. But in 2 of our 3 completed adoptions we've run into major obstacles before it was all over. So far Kendi's process has gone beautifully. Really good for a Ghana adoption. And to an outsider it seems like we would be good to go from this point on. But we don't have I-600 approval yet. We don't have a visa yet. There are special (private) circumstances surrounding her adoption that could delay her visa processing for several weeks. She may also be subject to additional medical testing that would delay her homecoming for 8 weeks.

It's all in the Lord's hands. I AM very confident that she will come home. I just can't commit my heart to when. I pray for July. I will smile at August. I will be content with September. Beyond that I will probably cry! LOL!

When I can buy shoes for her, I will know that I feel better about when she will come home. I look at shoes. I have my eye on some shoes. But I can't buy them. Not yet.


Cora 8:46 PM  

oh she is so cute. I feel the same way about being an optimist, nothing seems to go smoothly over here on the adoption front. I buy things but am constantly thinking of resale value if it does not work out. When I take the tags off and wash them I think I will know it is real.
Take Care, it is good to know she is in good hands.

We are Grateful!!! 9:08 PM  

We are praying for little Kendi M. and for your flu bug. Hopefully it will pass and not be something more serious. Love your posts and feel the same way right about now. (Breathing in, Breathing out)with the chant...God is in control, God is in control, God is in the smallest of details and the big ones too.

whenpigsfly 10:06 PM  

July, August, September.I know what you mean as I think of Daniel/Secret and Junior and Diamoh, but especially Daniel who so desperately needs his shunt surgery.Kendi and Daniel are FOR SURE in our Abba Father's hands, but that does not stop me from aching to have our children in OUR hands as well!!! SO GLAD you have that 171 H in hand!!!
Welcome home friend!

Salzwedel Family 10:27 PM  

I've put off on buying shoes too. I've shopped for lots of other things, but just can't bring myself to buy the shoes yet.