Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Treasures

Of course the best little treasure is Kendi herself! But I wanted to share some of the cool items I picked up for her in Ghana this trip. I always think I have everything, but every trip I seem to find a few items to add to our collection.

This is a little dress I got for her at the Art Centre. It was about 10 cedis.
A snowflake Christmas tree ornament from Global Mamas
(Bright's, for Christmas 2009). 3 cedis
Little girl Christmas tree ornament from Global Mamas
(Kendi's, for Christmas 2009). 5 cedis
Ladybug bead figurine from Global Mamas. I was so psyched to find this, as we are doing Kendis' room in ladybugs! 2 cedis
Layered batik dress from Global Mamas. Kendi's coming home outfit.
18 cedis and worth every penny!
Fan Yogo bag from Global Mamas. We'll use this as Kendi's diaper bag. The inside is lined with sachet water bags. 10 cedis
Kendi's Ghanaian baby doll. Got this at the Art Centre for a pretty penny--19 cedis. Taevy has a Cambodian doll that is similar. Kendi really likes baby dolls, so I was very happy to find this for her!


Bingaling 7:38 PM  

Love them! I have a couple bead ornaments from Global Mamas, too. Can't wait to put them on the tree this coming Christmas. Hmm...I wonder where they are?!?! After the move, I'm not sure where my Christmas stuff is. I guess its good I have time to find it all!

Heather A. 8:01 PM  

How cute that her doll has a baby on the back! Love it all and I'm so jealous that you went shopping in Ghana! I want to goooooooo!

Cora 9:13 PM  

great finds, I am sure she will just love the baby doll!

whenpigsfly 9:46 PM  

What great finds Anita!!!!
LOVE the mamma doll with the baby on her back, the ornaments are so precious as is the batik outfit...Oh Kendi your mamma loves you so, and you will be surrounded by love in your G Family!!!!

Nadia 10:17 PM  

those dresses and the bag are too cute! question...how does a cedi compare to a dollar?

Momto14 5:52 PM  

I think that next time you go- I should send some money with you to buy me some things. I love the dress and the diaper bag best. :) Or maybe you should bring things back and have an auction of items. I bet it would do well.

A. Gillispie 7:10 PM  

Sarah, I bought several things from Global Mamas for AAI's "Benefit Orphans" store--they sell handicrafts online and the proceeds go to our humanitarian projects. Watch www.benefitorphans.org!

Awo 7:53 AM  

Did you shop at the Art Center in Accra central or the Art Market at Teshie Quarshie? I haven't been to the Art Center in awhile, and may try to make in when I go to pick Abena up.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more 3:40 AM  

How sweet - that her doll has a baby on the back just like the mammas in hana!
Beautiful blog you have - thanks for sharing :)