Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is the weekend really over?

Don't you hate it when it's Sunday night and it really feels like it should only be Saturday night? Eric and I both feel that way tonight. But alas, tomorrow it's back to work after a too short and too busy weekend.

Yesterday we took our dogs to be spayed/neutered. Kiki was our only dog so it wasn't our biggest priority before Jed joined us last month. Then it got kicked up way HIGH on the priority list! The timing was perfect though, as a nearby town was offering a low cost spay/neuter clinic. Can't beat $45 for a 50 pound dog (or two)! Our dogs were the last ones to be done for the day so they weren't ready when we got there. We gave them an hour while we waited outside in the 104 degree heat, but they still weren't ready. They just wouldn't wake up! The mobile vet had left, so there wasn't the usual option of giving them a shot of adrenalin. The woman running the clinic said that Akitas and Huskies are usually slower than other breeds at waiting up. Good to know, I guess. We talked and conjoled and patted and rubbed for ANOTHER hour before Jed finally started to stir. I was getting a bit concerned! They couldn't walk yet, but we rolled them out on a dolley and loaded them in the care for the ride back to Tulsa.

By the time we got home the dogs were stirring more and thought they could walk. I have never seen anything so funny! They were walking around so drunk. It was like a person would look if they had to twirl around a bat 20 times and then try to walk! LOL! But I'm glad it's done and we don't have to worry about puppies (even as cute as 3/4 Husky 1/4 Akitas would be)!

Taevy is officially done with the cheerleading class she was taking for the summer. It's just horrible. The teacher has no clue how to teach, even if she is a good cheerleader. I mean seriously, I have never seen someone so untalented at teaching. So Taevy and I will do some things over the rest of the summer until we can get her in a better class this fall. Samren's karate class is going great though--very impressed with that. The classes are at a community center that's attached to a library, so it works out great to visit the library at the same time. =-)

We now have almost everything we need for when Kendi comes home. We bought her book shelf (all the kids have the same kind), her carseat, and her bed linens this weekend. We already had a chest of drawers and toddler bed from Craig's list. We went to put her bed together Friday night and realized we didn't get any hardware! If Eric and I were handy people we would have just gone to Lowe's and figured out what hardware we needed. But we really aren't handy. At least, I'm not. And Eric can't see well enough to be handy. So we broke down and bought Kendi a $60 toddler bed at Wal-Mart. We put it together tonight and it looks cute with her ladybug bedding.

Shoes....that's all we need now. We'll get them when we have a homecoming date. =-)

Today was a nice day. I had fun teaching Sunday School at church this morning. It's nice to be back in a classroom, even if I wouldn't want to do that full time at this point in my life. There's something about school that excites me (our church is in a school, so it was a bit like de ja vu).

Tonight we took the kids swimming at our neighbor's house. It was Bright's first time to swim this year. Last year he was a fearless fish, but this year he decided he should be scared. He kept yelling for Taevy to "Help! Help!" Taevy is a total worry wart when it comes to drowning, so she kept running to his aid even though he was perfectly fine. Can you say, "co-dependant?" Those two are perfect for one another!

I'm thankful for a short week this week. Eric is off on Friday and my sis is coming up for the 4th. Should be fun. Hard to believe Summer is almost half over (we start school at beginning of August here). Time goes so much faster when you're getting old.


Tricia 10:35 PM  

I am excited to see pictures of Kendi in her new room.

Jen 10:48 PM  

How fun on getting Kendi's room set up. We got the boys a bunk bed and put that together (or should I say TR and his parents did while I took the kids away!).
I had to laugh at the drunk dog story. Our lab woke up and started running around like he was never fixed. They never saw a dog pop up like nothing happened to him like my Corky did. In fact, he came home and within a day had jumped on the bed and ripped his incision open and ended up having to get restiched and then wear the lampshade. Talk about drunk dog look, he bumped into every thing at full speed. I thought he was going to decapitate himself! Hopefully your dogs will rest a little more until they heal!!
Looking forward to you getting to get some shoes for Kendi soon!


Cora 11:28 PM  

Great picture of the kids. Our cat has a hard time waking up after surgery so we always get him in the "drunk" phase it's pretty funny.
I can't believe the weekend is over either but I am so looking forward to a long weekend next week and short work week!

whenpigsfly 9:47 AM  

Great photo of your sweeties!! I can't wait till you have ahome coming date for Kendi myself!! IF IF IF things move as I ahve been sort of lead to beleive that they are, we could be welcoming home children not too far apart from each other! Church ladies had a shower for us for Baby Daniel this weekend, Hannah and I have been shopping, garage sale mostly, and I am almost ready for Daniel to come home too. The changing table you gave us for Naomi will be Daniel's now!!! I was sure I'd given it away but found it wrapped up nice and neat in the garage!
Gender flip: when I was shopping for Naomi you were shopping for Samren. Daniel's birthday I am told is listed as Dec 28, 2007 so he's about "6 months" younger than Kendi...maybe