Thursday, July 09, 2009

5 months, fur, and cousins

Well, we're just about to 5 months waiting for Kendi--not since her officially referral, but since we decided we wanted to adopt her. In some ways it feels like the time has gone quickly and in other ways it feels like every day is an eternity. This last month...pretty much every day has felt like an eternity. Eric and I are considering whether or not it might be wise to go ahead and purchase tickets for the beginning of September. This way we can get our minds wrapped around a specific date--a pretty safe date--and stop obsessing about the day to day so much. If the timing doesn't work out, we'd just have to pay the change fee. But we'd probably save money booking so far in advance. Oh! I talk like we have the actual money in hand to buy the tickets! LOL! Minor details, right?

Fur. Good Lord I am tired of husky hair! Jed is just about finally finished with "blowing coat" and I am so thankful. We have one rug downstairs and vacuum the thing at least twice a day. It's still covered in hair except for about the first 5 minutes after each vacuum session. Last night I took our de-shedder brush and tackled him one last time. This thing gets out TONS of hair. There is a doggy outline where he is laying after we are done! LOL! The thing is--oops--the vacuum belt broke. ACK! So until we get to the vacuum store for another belt my rug looks like this:
Yes, we rolled it up so we don't have to look at it all day. Now there are floating fur balls all over the wood floor because there is no place for it to settle. No amount of sweeping gets it all up. Next year, we are shaving the dogs!! But aren't they cute? They love each other so much. And we really love them too. These are good dogs for us, despite their somewhat crabby ways with little ones and around their food.
Speaking of cute, could Ryder be any cuter? I am so in love with this little guy. It's not exactly a cake walk during the day while I'm doing AAI stuff and taking care of him, but his little smile just melts me! I truly miss him on the days when he's not here. No wonder his parents love him so much! Taevy is completely smitten with him, and he her.
This is Bright and his cousin Mia (from Guatemala). They love each other just a TINY bit. =-)
So there. This is my attempt at a more light hearted blog post after being a downer this week. We've scratched another off of the calendar, which must mean that all we adoptive parents are one week closer to bringing our precious ones home. I don't expect any news from Ghana tomorrow, since the whole country is basically closing down for Obama's visit.



Heather A. 10:40 PM  

the dogs are so sweet together! And shaving is soooooo the way to go. I don't care how stupid our dogs look with their hair shaved, it's so much easier to deal with them. My $45 clippers paid for themselves in vacuum bags this year alone!

whenpigsfly 10:59 PM  

Love your photos and those dogs are adorable together~ so are Bright and Mia, and Taevy and the baby! Wish my "crystal ball" worked (HA!!!!!!!!!!) so I could tell you what date to pick. I'd tell ME too!

Anonymous 3:58 PM  

Just going to through out a little dog advice...Don't shave them. Their fur works as an insulator against the heat in the summer. Dogs with double coats weren't meant to be shaved - it will be really tough for them to stay cool. Take them and get their coats stripped but not shaved.