Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change is a-comin'

What an interesting week this has been. Kidney. No kidney. But top of the list! Visa appointment. No denied visa yet (so the waiver process can being). But hopefully Monday.

Knowing that Eric could literally get his kidney transplant any day changes our plans for picking up Kendi. Eric and I were looking forward to going to the Port of Entry city together, spending a day with her, and then coming home to the rest of the family. But we can't take the chance of Eric leaving even for a day. If that call comes and we aren't at the hospital within an hour, he will have missed the chance at that kidney. Even if he does get his transplant before Kendi comes home, it will be too soon after the transplant for him to travel by plane.

Before, when Eric and I were going together, picking up Kendi was going to be a fun adventure--a sort of romantic get away--special time with our final baby. But knowing now that Eric can't go with me makes the trip to pick her up at the Port of Entry city a more utilitarian job. NOT that I am complaining!!! It would be an easy trip (compared to going to Ghana right now), and one I could easily do alone. I just didn't WANT it that way. I had hoped it was something Eric and I could share.

Enter "Escort Extraordinaire!" The fantastic lady that has agreed to escort Kendi home has said that she will escort Kendi all the way to Tulsa! This is not typical. Usually an escort will only take the child to a Port of Entry city. But Tulsa isn't a ton out of the way for her as she goes home, so she has blessed us. This gives me peace of mind that I don't have to leave Eric even for a day while we are waiting for "the call" or while I am helping to care for him as he recovers. It is so exciting to think of seeing "EE" walk down the terminal with Kendi in her arms, towards our giddy family and friends!

With Taevy we had that "Welcome Home" group atmosphere at the airport. It was before 911, so they could even meet us at the gate. But the big group turned out to be an awful traumatizing thing for Taevy. So with Samren we only invited grandparents to the airport. With Bright there was no chance for a family welcome, as we drove cross-country to pick him up at his port of entry city. With Kendi, I think we are looking forward to having that big "welcome home" party at the airport. I know her. And I don't think it will affect her negatively. And it's our last baby (as far as we know). It will be lovely.

So...we're heading into the final countdown. Our baby could be home in about a month. There won't be any jet lag to get over. Just a 20 minute drive to the airport. What. A. Blessing.

P.S. I don't want to give the impression that I wouldn't go to the ends of the earth for Kendi. If I had to leave for a week to go to Ghana to get her, I would. And if I had to leave for a day to pick her up somewhere else, I would. In a heartbeat. The Lord has just provided for us so that it won't be necessary. In this instance, we get to have our cake and eat it too!


Bingaling 9:34 PM  

Oh, Anita!! I am so excited that you have an escort who will bring Kendi all the way to Tulsa! What a blessing!

Now if that pesky waiver would hurry up!

Tricia 9:50 PM  

This is so exciting. I think Kendi will revel in a big homecoming.

We are Grateful!!! 10:28 PM  

Anita: I can't keep up with all the good news blogging today! So curious who EE is and soooo thankful that the Lord is working this all out before your very eyes. Very Awesome!!! Amazing too, that little Miss K could be home in a month (sweeeeet)! I will continue to pray for Erik, you both actually as you wait for his good news. :) T

Laurel 11:26 PM  

What a blessing!

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I'd love to have you write up a Guest Post about malnutrition.

Laurel :)

Jen 10:51 AM  

Oh my goodness, I love that pic of Kendi up top. I think you should put it in your header to replace her profile... It is a sweet one!

So happy for you that she will escorted all the way home. What a blessing...


Amy 10:52 AM  

Anita, it has been quite the week and, again, quite the journey! I am glad you are finding ways to make it all work and gathering blessings along the way. :)

Hoping that visa denial comes soon... Gosh that sounds so strange to be asking for a denial, but I know that is what you need, so I'll pray for it!


whenpigsfly 12:59 PM  

Well We want to be at the airport, that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes indeed, what a week.
Continuning to pray for that NOID so you can move the waiver forward and make those airport plans!
Did Eric like the squash?