Friday, July 24, 2009

The Shoes...

I found Kendi's shoes!!!! I may have mentioned (more than a few times) that I've bought almost everything for Kendi's homecoming except for her shoes. I just couldn't buy the shoes. I have looked at shoes for months. Every pair wasn't cute enough, or I was scared they wouldn't fit, or....something. Just couldn't find peace about buying the shoes!

Well, tonight we found them. My heart must finally be ready. It was so funny because we go to Target every week (it's a Friday night ritual for us) and I look at shoes almost every week. But for some reason tonight there were all of the sudden several cute pairs that I liked for Kendi, and seemed like the "right " prices. I think more than anything it was a sign that I was ready to buy them, than them being so much better than they were the week before.

First we came across this pair. They are cute, will go with most everything, are warm enough for a plane, and will be good for walking through airports. [I learned from the sweet toddler I escorted home last month about shoes good for walking in airports!] We bought them in a size 6, which should be just about right. I wasn't emotional about this purchase. But they were cute shoes. Practical. Good.

Then Taevy says, "Mom! Look at this pair! This pair has a ladybug on them!" We are "doing" ladybugs for Kendi. Everything is ladybugs. Her room. Her bathing suit. Some of her clothes. All kinds of ladybugs. I walked over to see the most perfect pair of shoes. THE shoes. It is so ridiculous, but I started crying then and there in the Target shoe aisle! They are brown leather mary janes, with a bronze ladybug on the top. Classic cuteness. We bought them in a size 7 so I know they will fit her even with socks on. Kendi's shoes are here. Now my heart believes she is truly coming home soon!
We also found these darling leather-bottomed boot/booties that I thought would be great to keep her feet warm in the plane on the ride home. Cute, right?
So we've gone from no shoes, to 3 pairs of shoes, in one night. =-)


Laurel 11:57 PM  

Absolutely adorable!

Laurel :)

In His Dust 7:03 AM  

Madi has those ladybug shoes too!

Amy 2:24 PM  

Those lady bug shoes are too perfect! Love them!!! I'm so glad you got the shoe shopping done and by golly, I totally get why you'd be crying in the Target show aisle. They are so symbolic of the fact that your girl is going to be home, wearing them soon! :)


whenpigsfly 3:40 PM  

Well, Ladybug shoes absolutely settles it.Kendi will surely be on her way home soon, to catch up with her shoes!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nichole, Mia's Mommy 5:36 PM  

The shoes are ADORABLE sis and I think I got Mia's new blog all set up nice and pretty :) check it out sometime Thanks love ya sis and as of right now Gary and I and hopefully Mia plan on being there to welcome Miss Kendi home

Brown Eyed Blessings 6:38 PM  

I'm going to have to get a pair of those little mocasins for Miss A! They are just too cute. Did you get them at Target?

FullPlateMom 6:47 PM  

Our little Ghanaian girls must have almost the exact same size feet. I packed sandals for our little girl to wear in Ghana, size 6 1/2. They are little white leather sandals, also very utilitarian.

Bingaling 9:49 PM  

Those are just the cutest shoes!! Love them!

And I totally "get" why you'd start crying in the middle of Target. I've had those moments, too. ;o)

Andrea H. 11:11 PM  

Hi Anita,
I just love those shoes. So cute. I am gonna put you on my blog roll so I can keep up with you. We are actually on the yahoo group with Erin in case if you wonder who I am. Anyways, looking forward to reading more of your blog.