Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Learning Space

I think our learning space for this school year is finally all set up. It's not a fancy space. It's not even all that pretty! LOL! But I think it will be practical for us. When we entertain (and they guests aren't good friends or family) the desks and some of the daily-use primary colored school things will head outside. =-) [Thanks to Wendy and Martin for giving us the desks! The children LOVE THEM!]

Here is a view of the whole space. Desks are separated to keep pokes to a minimum. The card table and computers are not aesthetically pleasing, but a practical setup. All of our supplies and books are housed in the shelf that is covered in front with Ghanaian fabric. I'm sure you all can figure out where the "cafeteria" will be, and where science experiments will take place. ;-)
A close up of Samren's desk. I love that it has storage space underneath for the things he's working on that week. Yes, I tried to "pretty" the desks up by putting a rug underneath and a small throw over the back.
Taevy's desk, and the computer lab.
Cafeteria, Science Lab, and Supply Cabinet.
A closer view of the supply cabinet--opened and closed.
I got these rotating pencil/supply holders for $1 a Target. We've stored 48 crayons, 6 markers, 4 dry erase markers, 10 colored pencils, 3 glue sticks, scissors, 10 pencils, and a ruler in each one of these. Works GREAT.
Each child also has this little cubby for their subject-related notebooks, headphones (for computers), and daily work. $2.50 at Target. Custom sticker design by Samren. ;-)
In addition, we got lap desks for each child so that when they want to be on a cushy chair or couch, they can be.

When I was a young child I loved it when my teachers gave me a variety of places within the classroom to do my work. Cushions, tables, desks, etc.. I'm glad my kids have a variety of choices even though we have a small space. Last time I homeschooled we had a whole room to turn into our classroom. We've had to be more creative this time, but in some ways I think it will be better. I remember sometimes feeling trapped in there, waiting for them to finish an activity while I would rather be in the other room folding a load of laundry. With this setup, I am a few steps away from my "work station" (laptop and chair) and can still do any cleaning up the house needs. I hope this works!!!!



Laurel 1:48 AM  

Looks GREAT!

Laurel :)

whenpigsfly 7:56 AM  

since I was sitting on it just last week, dare I ask WHERE IS THE SOFA??? LOL! It looks really nice the way you have it all set up. I like it!! This is curriculum assessment week for us. Catalogs out, current inventory out ..what do we really NEED and what do we REALLY HAVE time!!!
Part of our day is living room school, the read aloud stuff, prayer time, spelling word practice...The other half is dining room table school, with the science lab being the kitchen island. HEY !! at our school, the kids change clases!!! Oye!

Shonni 9:18 AM  

Wow, it looks so wonderful. I know how wonderful it feels to get everything ready!

Cora 1:21 PM  

Looks Great! I am sure it will be a wonderful learning environment for the kids.

Andrea H. 10:47 PM  

That looks way cool!

Debbie B 5:05 PM  

I love your school room. (Oh, I am a very good friend of Deborah's) and I was reading her Blog and she linked to yours about praying for your husband.

Prayers are being lifted up for y'all.


A. Gillispie 7:49 PM  

Thanks Ladies! Linda, the couch is still where it was! LOL! I was standing next to it when I took the pic. =-)