Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visa Update!

WOW--is it already Wednesday? I guess one plus to watching a little one during the day and starting homeschool is that I don't have much time to worry about Kendi's visa!

Our original visa appointment was last Tuesday, but they wanted originals of documents that we had sent scans of (it was worth a try). I fedexed those last week and they were turned in this Wednesday. My coordinator said that they were very helpful. Evidently I sent an older version of the I-601 waiver (???) and she started out saying that I would have to resend another original! ACK! Our coordinator mentioned how this would delay us for another week. THIS is an understatment since I had to gather signatures from the health department and from her Pediatric Infectious Disease doctor in Kansas! It would have probably been a 3 week delay to get it all back there again. Thankfully, the woman took heart and said she would accept the older version. Thank you Lord and Accra Consulate!

The woman explained what would happen next (to DHS, CDC, etc.) and that they make "these cases" an urgent priority. It would be done as soon as possible. YOWZERS?!?! Really?! I did NOT expect the consulate to take that stance and actually say they would do it as quickly as possible. I was expecting that from this point it could take another month, easily. But now I'm wondering if it could really just be another few weeks before Kendi comes home.

AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm sort of beyond myself with excitement. I was settled in for a multiple week wait. But I have a feeling that I will start hoping for news about a week from now, with more expectation each day thereafter until we get the news that she has her visa.

Please pray for my baby! And please pray for Kendi's escort! Escorting is HARD work. I'm glad I have done it so that I can have more compassion for the person who is escorting Kendi. Please pray that Kendi is good on the plane (and in the airports) and that her escort's arms hold out walking with her/holding her and all of the bags and such.



abbynah 3:52 PM  

This is a wonderful blog! I'm especially excited to see that you're adopting from Ghana as I am Ghanaian myself and often wonder about the nature of adoption in Ghana (and Africa in general) as well as the ease of it. Recently blogged on it. Do check it out>>>

Momto14 4:37 PM  

So many prayers!!! Wow. What a blessing to have things moving!

whenpigsfly 4:41 PM  

Oh what an answer to prayer that would be!!! Staying on oins nad needles for you!!

whenpigsfly 4:41 PM  

pins ..........pins and needles!!!

Jen 4:46 PM  

Wow, that would be great if you get done faster than you originally thought!
I did send a package your way today with the shoes and whatever else I could fit in the flat rate box- so look out for it!

Hoping you get Kendi home soon!!


Kristin Jag 5:51 PM  

That is GREAT news!!!

Amanda 7:14 PM  

Congratulations, Anita! I am beside myself with excitement.


We are Grateful!!! 9:42 PM  

Praying it is soon!!!
Blessings, Tami

Amy 12:33 AM  

Soooooooo GREAT!!!! :) Yea! Praying!


A. Gillispie 7:47 PM  

Abbynah, I'm so happy when I learn of Ghanaians reading my blog! I look forward to reading yours now too. Please do feel free to ask any questions about Ghana adoptions that you have. I'm an open book. =-)

Jen, thanks for the box of goodies!!! Can't WAIT for it to arrive! What a blessing!

Everybody, thanks so much for the well wishes and prayers. Oh how I hope she is ready in a few weeks. I was all settled for Labor Day but now that it may be possible to get her home sooner, Labor Day seems like so far away. =-)