Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heart to Heart

The Lord really gave us a blessing today. I mentioned in my last post that my cousins may decide to put Baby Ryder in different care once Kendi is home. The thought of that hurt really bad. But they are new parents who (understandably) feel very protective of their son. I didn't think of my cousins as horrible people. I thought of them as young, and wanting to do what they truly thought was best for their son. It still hurt, but there was no malice intended on their part.

I'm so happy that my cousin and I had a heart to heart today. I thought it might be best if I initiated the "break-up." After all, once Kendi is home she is going to need an incredible amount of attention, and I don't want either child not to have all of their needs met. To my great surprise, my cousin was really disappointed. He said they had decided to keep Ryder with us. They still have concerns, but know in their minds that he will be safe. looks like sweet, wonderful little Ryder will remain a part of our daytime family. I really truly love this little guy. I hope it won't be too much once Kendi is home. But now everything is out in the open with my cousin. He's a good guy. I've gained a lot of respect for him today, and my love for my cousin has grown a bit too (already loved him).

Thanks Lord, for the blessing of my cousins.



HollyAnn 7:20 AM  

Yeah! I know that meant so much to you on SO many levels! I don't get to blog reading much these days, but know that you and Kendi are in our prayers! :) Can't wait for her homecoming post!