Monday, July 06, 2009



Jesus replied, "What is impossible with men is possible with
Luke 18:27, New International Version
To my friends who are "stuck" at any point in the process.... Remember how much God loves us. Remember how much He loves our children! He loves them even more than we can love them. Remember that our God is THE God. All powerful. All knowing. Everlasting. He needs permission from nobody. He may desire, but does not NEED action from anybody either.
We must remain strong. We must remind each other daily that though this road is long and so, so difficult, there is a purpose behind our wait. Though satan may try to keep our children in his grips, we know who will be the ultimate victor in this. Our children we come home.
They will come home despite political and personal agendas in the passport office. They will come despite slow U.S. government offices that are under staffed and overworked. They will come home despite officials that have long forgotten there are innocent under-served children at stake within the piles of paperwork they are asked to review and approve. They will come home despite archaic immigration laws for those with HIV. They. Will. Come. Home.
To D, and K, and A, and DJ, and J-- this battle seems so difficult sometimes, but the victory will be our God's. The victory will be when they all come home. They will be worth all the prayers, and tears, and paperwork, and money, and worry. Times 10 thousand.


Jen 10:26 PM  

Once our children are home, we will forget the harder days and it will be replaced with the knowledge that it was all worth it in the end.

We have to just hang in there, support each other on bad days and cover each other in prayer...

They will come home and what a glorious homecoming it will be!


Awo 8:12 AM  


KamPossible 9:28 AM  

Funny, all I have to say is "amen" too!