Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Plan is in Play!

Thanks for your prayers for financial provision everybody. Just when I start to feel panicky about everything, He comes through. One of our family members has generously offered to "float" us the money we need until we can pay them back later in the month. Whew! I forgot to mention in my last email that we had the money coming (old retirement account) but just not for another few weeks--and we really needed to buy tickets now. So--thank you Lord--we're "covered" and Kendi won't be waiting longer than she has to in Ghana!

Unless something unexpected happens (like not having the visa in time) Kendi will be coming home Labor Day weekend! A little change to our plans though... My mom, Taevy, and I will be driving to Chicago to meet our fabulous escort and bring Kendi home (even though our escort was more than happy to bring Kendi to Tulsa). It's just going to work out better that way for a variety of reasons (mostly financial). So, it's a road trip! Kind of interesting, since we also drove about 12 hours to meet Bright's escort. Guess it's just a thing with our Ghana kids. =-)

P.S. You're prayer duties are not gone yet! LOL! I think I will flip out just a little bit if her visa isn't issued in time to come home on Labor Day. I know, I will all be in the Lord's time. I believe that with all my heart. But I still HOPE she is home on Labor Day!


We are Grateful!!! 7:48 PM  

Praying!!! (and Praising)!!!
Road trips with the girls can be fun!
Blessings, Tami

Story of our Life 8:27 PM  

YEAH!! I'm so happy for you...for Eric...for Kendi!! What a wonderful blessing this is.

Is she coming home ON Labor Day or that weekend?

Amy 9:19 PM  

More prayers heading your way!!! So close now!


Ericka 7:25 AM  

Anita, I live close to O'hare airport, if you need ANYTHING, send me a note:
reeka @

Ericka 7:26 AM  

ps, feel free to leave your car here and I'll drive you to the airport (free parking!)

whenpigsfly 11:41 AM  

What wonderful news for me to read Anita! I'm so thankful to the Lord for His provision and His advance provisions too. How I hope and pray that both our babies are home by Labor Day!!!
Interesting how our adoption stories unfold isn't it!? Happy dancing that you do not have any more forseeable "speed bumps"

Darrell and Jess 1:46 PM  

Will be praying!! So so exciting how close she is to being home with you!