Thursday, August 06, 2009

Prayers Appreciated

We're coming to the end of our adoption journey (praise God!). We've trusted for finances since the day we began the adoption process for Kendi. And the Lord has provided for each of our needs as they came along. We continue to trust that finances won't keep Kendi waiting in Ghana any longer than she has too. But we're coming up to a deadline. We don't have credit cards to put the final expenses on, so it's truly a complete trust thing that the money is going to come through! We appreciate your prayers that the Lord would work in a way that only He can to provide for our daughter's homecoming. We need to buy tickets and still need about 1/2 of that money to drop from the sky!



Calico Sky 3:28 PM  

I'll be praying! It is so amazing how the Lord provides, even if it is just wisdom as to what to do.
Is there any way you could get a credit card for just this, then lets say pay off monthly for a year and then get rid of it? I know some Christian families that have had to do that.
Will pray for guidance for you!

Bingaling 4:03 PM  

Oh I so know how stressful that money "stuff" is. Praying that the money appears just when you need it. Kendi will be coming home! Soon, I hope!

whenpigsfly 4:09 PM  

I know this whole thing all too well! I'm working on a grant app for Liberia right now actually.I will be praying that God show you where the money is, how to acquire it, and that He give you perfect peace as He leads you!! I'd rather do car washes than garage sales, but I am still healing from the sunburn from our school scholarship car wash 10 days ago AND praying "Yes Lord I'll do both, I'll do whatever, but must I???"
He did NOT bring you this far to let you sink. Praying for you as we trust for us too!!

Salzwedel Family 5:12 PM  

I'm praying Anita. We don't have credit cards either. Trusting for His provision for us both!

Heather A. 6:22 PM  

would sky miles help at this point?

A. Gillispie 5:13 PM  

Heather, I'm late in responding. Sorry! Since we're having Kendi escorted we can't use skymiles for tickets. AAI buys the tickets and we pay the escort fee. Oh! And I have learned that sky miles are SO HARD to use for adoption travel when you aren't SURE of the date!!! But thanks for mentioning it!