Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Poor Child

The aunties at Eban House think it is REALLY cute to "grease" up Kendi's hair with shea butter, making cute squiggles, parts, and designs. Let me just say...this is NOT a look I personally go for! It makes me think of Sammy Davis Junior! I just know they are going to want Kendi looking her best when she comes home so before she leaves they will make sure it's really nice and greased up. LOL! Poor child--makes her look even more bald than she already is!


Amy 6:20 PM  

Oh Anita- I am SO with you on that one! Maybe you can send Muna a request for a grease-free plane ride home, you know, so you don't stain the seat or something! Yeah, that's it. Oh, but maybe that might hurt the auntie's feelings...?

I MUCH prefer the free fuzzies on Miss Kendi's sweet little head. :)

Amanda 7:51 PM  


I think Kendi is gorgeous, no matter what. My girls' hair is finally starting to grow out, 1.5 years later! Now if they'll only sit still long enough for me to do fun things with it! ;)


Nichole, Mia's Mommy 8:13 PM  

ok I know I shouldn't laugh and Kenidi just looks NOT HAPPY but that look is too funny lol :)

Heather A. 8:46 PM  

Oh. My. Poor child indeed!

FullPlateMom 4:52 AM  

Oh man!!! The hair!!! That was a HUGE issue while we were there. Our little girl had braids, but they were all falling out, and had been in awhile, so they looked AWFUL. I wanted to see her real hair (and wash it and condition it REALLY well), so I took her to the salon and had them removed.

Now I have NO idea what to do with it. It's thin, brittle, orange, has bald patches and, worts of all, it's STRAIGHT. I was expecting tight curls like my daughter's hair. Who would have known? I think it's all from malnutrition, so we'll just keep on keeping on until it's more healthy.

Darrell and Jess 9:21 AM  

she looks sad about her hair too! But I agree that she is beautiful no matter what they do to her hair! :)

Awo 8:37 PM  

I can't really post anything coherent because I'm laughing too hard! Poor Kendi looks miserable in the picture. Lucky for her, she's beautiful no matter what the Aunties do to her hair :)