Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Does this (take, of myself, today)

Look like this (taken from the internet tonight.


Amy 10:00 PM  

Hmmm... possibly. I think yours looks more raised though. I shudder to ask what the bottom one is- from the Mayo Clinic? Give me Ham on Five, hold the Mayo 'cause that can't be good.


Beckie Sibley 10:01 PM  

Anita, since I'm old enough to be your mom, I'm going to say something very "mothering". Please get that checked. It looks like a simple rash to me but considering what Eric went through and Kendi's homecoming around the corner, you just can't take the risk. PLEASE get it checked.

I have a feeling your own mother will say the same thing.

Laurel 1:44 AM  

Yea ... I'd want to get that one checked out. No time for messing around with yucky medical stuff.


Heather A. 5:39 AM  

I agree that this is not the time to wait and see with Kendi on her way home. Get it checked out just in case.


FullPlateMom 3:55 PM  

How hot is it in OK? It kind of looks like heat rash? Any new soaps or detergents lately?


P.S. My disclaimer-- This does not substitute for medical advice of your local provider.

A. Gillispie 5:21 PM  

Thanks for the feedback. The rash is better today, thank goodness! I was concerned it could be shingles. It is really painful--burns to the touch and stings when the sun hits it. But it's not a heat rash. I get heat rash all over when I go to Ghana, so I KNOW heat rash! LOL! If it were shingles that wouldn't be good because Kendi hasn't had the chicken pox vaccination yet. Chicken Pox and HIV don't mix. If it gets worse again I'll head to the doc. =-) Right now I'm assuming some odd bug got me.