Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Go Upward, Go!

We signed our kids up to do flag football (Samren) and cheerleading (Taevy) with Upward this fall. Check out to see if you have an updward league in your area. We are LOVING this program!!! It is a Christian sports program with all sorts of sports. Each practice the kids do a devotional. Each week they memorize a verse from the Bible. Not only that, but the sports are a total blast! For $75 our kids will participate in 10 games, have as many practices, and got super cute uniforms!

Eric has been with Samren at his practices, so Saturday will be my first chance to see little man do his thing. They are calling him "quickster" on his team. He's the shortest kid by about 6 inches, but he's got some "moves." The coach says he is their Barry Sanders. ;-)
Taevy is loving her cheerleading. She is learning a lot. The coach is great. At home Taevy is AWESOME but she's still working on coming out of her shell in public. She totally looks the part though, don't you think?!


Jamey 8:56 PM  

We put Drew in Upward basketball and soccer! He loves it and I like that it is not cut throat and the parents are not wackos! Just a fun safe place to play sports!

Amy 8:57 PM  

SOOOOOOOOO cute. I mean, could they be any more adorable? I think not!

Sounds like a really great program! Doubt they are in our area, but so glad to know they are out there.


P.S. I have so enjoyed picturing little Kendi joining your crew, ever-so-soon now. What a miracle!

Kristin Jag 10:04 PM  

Fun! Our three oldest are actually doing the Upward soccer program right now and having a blast! Kwame and Fia go with me at the beginning and Kwam keeps gravitating towards the dusty dirt with the soccer ball-wonder why, huh? It is so funny! They are like,'kick in the grass' and he goes to the dirt! ;) Also, I think a couple families may contact you through this, God has been present during our conversations!

Nicole Anderson 11:04 PM  

What a great program, I will go check it out! Your kids are beautiful! Can't wait to hear about the game!

Heather A. 6:03 AM  

Oh girl, we love Upward! They only have basketball and cheerleading in our area though. Oh how I wish they had soccer here. I'm jealous!

A few years ago we had Sophia in both Upward basketball and the "regular" basketball. Big mistake! The parents with Upward were so encouraging to other children and rooted for the kids on the opposing teams but the "regular" parents were cut throat, screaming at their children and everyone elses! It was horrible. Soooo thankful that we have an Upward program!

Our Family 9:22 AM  

I have never heard of Upward. I just went to the site and it seems like an awesome organization. Too bad they don't have any camps in our area. I know so many kids in our area that would be thrilled to have such a league to play in. The ones here are prohibitively expensive for many. I'm so glad your little ones have something like this to participate in. I could picture Taevy teaching Kendi some moves eventually. Very cute. Have fun with the activities!

Tricia 11:29 AM  

Hannah, Paige and Lizzie play Upward basketball. It is so organized. They went to a basketball camp this summer and had a blast.

whenpigsfly 8:03 PM  

SO FUN!! If Samren can be Barry Sanders, watch out coz my Isaac has his sights set on being the fist Cambodian to play for the NBA! He studies all the shorter basketball players and then swoosh, he is "being" Steve Nash or Chris Paul. We'll have to keep our eyes on those boys.......anything is possible!
Taevy looks great in her cheerleader gear too!