Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Sister and My Neice

I don't think I've ever talked very much on the blog about my sister Nichole, or her daughter Mia. Nichole is my baby sis by 3 years. Mia is my fantastic 5 year old neice, adopted from Guatemala a few years ago.

Four years ago I went to a retreat with some Christian adoptive mom friends. At that retreat a picture of a toddler girl in Guatemala was passed around. She needed a family. Her fees were greatly reduced. She was believed to be completely blind. When I held that picture it was like a shot of lightening went through my body! I got a little dizzy. I knew immediately this child had SOMETHING to do with my life!

I spent the next day at that retreat in deep prayer over Mia. I wondered if she was supposed to be our child. I even asked Eric to pray about it. At the same time my sister and her husband were waiting to adopt a child though domestic foster care. For a full two days it didn't even occur to me to think about Mia for my sister Nichole. International adoption wasn't the path they were going for. But when it hit me, it HIT me hard. This was my sister's daughter!

I called Nichole and asked her to think about it. I think she knew immediately that Mia was her daughter as well. A little less than a year later Mia joined our family for good. She will always have such a special place in my heart. She is an absolute TREASURE! It turns out that Mia does have a bit of vision in one eye. She's learning how to use that little bit of vision. Nothing slows her down! She started Kindergarten this week and I think my mom, my sister and I are all a bit weepy about that (my sister more than mom and I, of course)!
My sister recently started a blog about her life with Mia. Check it out!

P.S. The pics above are of Mia and Bright. They have a very special connection. I love seeing them together.


Deborah 5:23 AM  

What a blessing to have such a close family. The pictures of the children are so pretty. They are obviously so happy... Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, and YES she does look like the perfect cheerleader :)

whenpigsfly 8:34 AM  

She is so lovely and I remember when Mia came to your heart! That whole experience was so cool to be a prayer partner to, and how wonderful to see Mia doing so well today!

Erika 7:18 PM  

Thanks for the link to Nicole's blog. I haven't seen a pic of her since we were in middle school. I added her blog to my google reader so I can follow her too now. :)

At the Foot of the Cross 10:23 AM  

I was at that retreat and remember when Mia's picture was shared and Anita's reaction. Mia is a special little girl and brings blessings galore to everyone.