Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What drives me crazy!

**Edited to say: I know there are lots of cute black dolls out there. It just bugs me at this entire line of dolls has NO black babies. And it bugs me that at my local stores there are very few black baby options--fewer than when I was buying black babies for Taevy. =-)

You know...it drives me crazy to hear about super cute dolls that are inexpensive, and then to go to the website and see that there are NO black babies for my black babies. An entire line of dolls, and the most they have is a white skinned doll with brown eyes that speaks spanish. A few years ago in our area at least the stores carried black baby dolls, but now there is at MOST two choices for black baby dolls at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Target. URGH!!!!!

Anyway...check out these cute WHITE baby dolls if you want to. =-) http://store.goldbergertoy.com/default.asp

P.S. Yes, we buy babies of every color for our kids. I just get momma-bearish about the black baby doll thing.


darci 4:21 PM  

i got some really really cute black baby dolls off of ebay a few years ago. :)

sue 4:34 PM  


I really like the Berenguer dolls. They are cute and chubby. The have white, black, and Asian dolls. I can but them at K-mart here for around 12.00. They have some on Amazon if you search: berenguer lots to love

But, you might be able to find them (in store)at Walmart of Kmart much cheaper.

Heather A. 5:02 PM  

AMEN sister! This past Christmas, Mary soooo wanted a baby doll and I shopped all of our local stores and there were NO black dolls. Like you said, several that looked Hispanic or Asian, but no beautiful dark chocolate. GRRRRR!!!

Awo 8:36 PM  

A woman in my Moms' group makes beautiful Black rag dolls. They're not inexpensive, but they're handmade and quite beautiful. The website is www.sugarfoots.com. If you order, let her know that Sistermom Awo referred you.

whenpigsfly 9:52 PM  

I agree!!! They are very hard to find and often they are just white dolls with darker skin anyhow. Asian dolls are even harder to find, as I'm sure you know too.
We found cute Cabbage patch dolls several years ago, and I found a little black Cab.Patch baby last Christmas that I bought jsut for me. Not since I bought "Oni-Bean" for Hannah in 1988 have I really seen an African looking baby doll. It was an African company that made truly African- looking baby dolls. Sue, I will check Berenguer dolls. Thanks!

Kait 11:45 PM  

I buy off either Etsy or the Little Mommy dolls because they have black, white and hispanic dolls. I'm with you - it's annoying to not find anything but white, blond dolls. They aren't reflective of our society at all!