Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have a little battle going on in our house. A little battle that is becoming more problematic all the time. About six weeks ago Eric changed deodorants and became irritated. He got a bump. The bump grew, and grew, and grew. It grew into a huge abscess about 5 inches long and 2 inches tall. It caused a fever. Eric visited the emergency room where they cut him open, drained what they could, and sent him home with packing we had to remove each day for a week. We also used vancomycin antibiotic in his dialysis bag for two weeks. It was MRSA--antibiotic resistant staph infection.

A few weeks after that, Eric went to the hospital for the kidney transplant that didn't happen. Everybody who came in and out of his room had to put on protective clothing because they could be contaminated by the MRSA that Eric had on his body. We learned that even though his MRSA infection was gone, he likely still had lots of MRSA "on board" in his body.

Saturday Eric woke up with a little bump on his face. By Sunday afternoon it looked like a huge pimple. By Monday morning his whole cheek was triple it's normal size--he looked like a chipmunk on one side!! Off to the doctor we went. He's pretty sure it's another case of MRSA infection. The cultures aren't back yet, but (little did we know) once you have one infection you are prone to have multiple infections over your lifetime. Umm...has anybody else heard of how diabetics usually lose their feet? INFECTIONS. We are NOT happy about this. This is likely going to be an ongoing issue for poor Eric, especially as long as he is immune-compromised (which will be pretty much forever).

I asked the doctor how this might affect Kendi, since she's coming home in under 2 weeks and we don't know what her current HIV numbers are like. "Oh!" he says, "If the labs come back positive for MRSA Eric probably should not touch her." GREAT! It will be really easy to bond with daddy if he can't touch her, right? Ugh. MRSA is dangerous for HIV positive people.

I'm not sure what we can do to try to eradicate the MRSA from Eric's body. As long as he has it, he can give it to her. Then she could be dealing with it on an ongoing basis. And as long as she has it, she can give it back to him. It's completely unrealistic for them just not to touch each other!

So we would appreciate your prayers that the MRSA would be absolutely and completely wiped out of Eric's body. He doesn't need ongoing battles with infection, and neither does Kendi. We need a healing. This is a little thing now, but each time another infection happens we have a new battle on our hands--and MRSA can be deadly in the right circumstances. Please pray with us for healing, so that this little thing never becomes a big thing for our family.



Laurel 6:31 PM  

Oh my ... not fun!



Amy 6:58 PM  

Anita - I hear the seriousness in your post!! I will be praying for a complete healing for Eric! Amy Fritch

Cora 7:16 PM  

Oh I am sorry. A daddy has to be able to touch his baby. You will be in my prayers.
take care,

Baxter 8:30 PM  

Anita - I had that infection during this past summer. It lasted for 6 weeks. I had 4 spots that showed up - one after another. My doctor said you have to treat it very aggressively, so I had to take a shower using a special soap (the kind you use right before surgery)for 1 solid week and then I did it for 2 times a week for 2 weeks and then once a week for a month. After each use of a tower, I had to wash it with bleach. Then I had to wash the shower with bleach after each use. I also had a nose cream because the bacteria can been in the nose and stay dominate until an opening occurs. It is very contagious so our whole family had to use the nose cream for 2 weeks. I have 3 scars from the spots - it's nasty and once you have it, you are more receptive to getting it again. I was on 4 different types of antibiotics and the 5th one (Cypro) actually worked for me.

So I know you frustration and the pain that Eric is feeling. I have been 4 weeks free from this staph infection. Praying for you guys! :)


whenpigsfly 9:54 PM  

one more thing to trust God with for your family Anita. We will be praying for complete healing!

Amy 10:39 PM  

Oh Anita,

I am just so very sorry. What an awful concern to have for your husband and for Kendi! I'll be praying he heals completely and totally so he can hug on and love his new little lady. You all deserve to bond to the utmost!!!


Momto14 11:05 PM  

So sorry and praying for healing and no more "spots" to appear.

We are Grateful!!! 2:39 AM  

Anita, goodness...praying here for complete healing. I don't like the bleach idea, maybe listerine for dabbing instead? Sorry you are all having these struggles.

Mark and Charmaine 6:33 PM  

We WILL pray!!

Baxter 11:27 PM  

I ment to say bleach the towel after each use not the spots. :)

I hope it is getting better!