Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taevy's Excitement

It has been very heartwarming this last week to see how utterly excited Taevy is to be a part of welcoming her baby sister into our family! She will be going with my mom and I to Chicago to bring Kendi the rest of the way home. I think she must ask me 100 questions a day about Chicago, flying in an airplane, Kendi, the homecoming party, etc.. She has fantasized the whole experience to the point I fear she will be greatly disappointed when reality is here!

Taevy has it in her mind that we will see everything wonderful there is to see in Chicago, within our 1 evening there. LOL! She wants to see the Sear's tower, and the lake, and the famous fountain (name escapes me right now). She wants to take a taxi ride and sleep in a very old hotel. I've tried to warn Taevy that we may have a very grumpy 2 year old on our hands. We may have to take everything by ear.

Taevy's even wondering what the sleeping arrangements will be like at the hotel. Does Kendi sleep with mommy, or does Taevy? Kendi. Then she looked sad, so I said maybe all three of us could fit on the bed. But then Grandma would be all alone in that big other bed. I told Taevy not to worry about it so much! It will be fine!
But you know, we really MUST decide what we are to wear! Taevy has been collecting matching clothes as much as she can for when her baby sister comes home. If it were up to her, she and Kendi would have matching clothes for each day of the week. We have managed to get them matching skirts and coordinating outfits from Children's Place, matching hats, and matching PJs. The children's place is dangerous when you've got a 2 year old and a nine year old that want to match--they have so many options!
It really is getting close now. I bought milk that won't expire until after Kendi is home! I pulled out six plates at dinner time instead of five. She's on all of our minds most of the time right now. It's like counting down until Christmas! Of course, when she comes home we probably will NOT have the most joyous days as we help this diva of a 2 year old figure out her new life in this awful country where it's cold and people don't speak well, and everything smells funny, and there is no good food whatsoever! Really, if someone who didn't speak my language dropped me off at another's house out of the blue, I think I'd probably rage quite often about that! I expect nothing less out of Kendi. After all, she's got to live up to her reputation as a spoiled Eban House diva!


whenpigsfly 10:35 PM  

I am so excited for you and the beginning of yourBig sister little sister adventures at Chidlren's Placee! Naomi and Rachel love that store, love to pick out things for themselves and Hanah's MAdy AND for Keren Jubilee ("when she comes home, says Naomi) How thankful I am thta the Eban House diva is leaving that chapter of life behind to begin life as the littlest Gillisie Diva!
BIG hugs

Taevy is so fun to watch as she models, btw

FullPlateMom 5:54 AM  

Bubbles says to Kendi "tell me about it". No good food, people who don't speak the language, and now, the weather is getting weirdly COLD (at least it is in our northern neck of the woods)! It's a hard life for the resident diva to adjust to. We're getting there, and Kendi will too.

Cora 8:35 AM  

I that is so special that she is so excited about the trip to get her little sister. I hope that she is not too disappointed in the reality.
Love the matching clothes, how cute!

The Eisele Family 11:36 AM  

We had a three year old that didn't speak English, remember? My best advice is to use any sign language you know along with the English as you teach her. The visual aspect ASL provided made langauge aquisition SO much easier in our house. We had full sentences in one month and he was fully able to communicate with us in just 2 to 3 months. But signing - well he was able to sign back his first night! Praying for all of you and so excited for you!

Welcome 12:19 PM  

Ms Kendi, Diva of Divas... we cannot wait for her to be home!

A. Gillispie 2:45 PM  

Apryl, we will DEFINITELY be using ASL with Kendi! It helped so much with Bright (who wasn't speaking at all yet when he came home). Kendi hears English and Ga (a Ghanaian language) all of the time, and understands both. I'm just not sure to what extent she understands both, but am assuming she understands Ga better. Oh--one more week! Can't wait!

Awo 8:30 PM  

That is SUCH a funny picture! The members at Abena's foster family's church has nicknamed her "The Queen". I'm sure Her Majesty will have no problems letting us know how she feels about the different sights, sounds, smells and people in her new home.