Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sooner Born?

In Oklahoma there's a saying...

"Sooner born, Sooner bred. When I die, I'm Sooner dead."

Kendi wasn't exactly Sooner born, but she will be Sooner bred!!! Eric and I are both OU alumni and former members of The University of Oklahoma March Band. Tonight on our date night we picked out Kendi's first OU stuff. Every year before football season Gillispie kids MUST have a new OU "something" to start the year off right! We got Kendi this cute outfit, with OU on the back of the bloomers. And to top it off we just HAD to get her the "Oklahoma 101" board book, with such important information as school colors, the name of the band, Alma Mater words, and mascot! LOL! Mommy might have to sneak it into her homecoming backpack so she can study these important matters on the way to America. =-)
Kendi will miss being home for the first "Game Day" of the season by just a few days, but she'll have plenty of time this football season to learn how to say such important things as "Boomer Sooner," "Go OU," and "Texas stinks!"

P.S. Do NOT waste your money on the movie "District 9." We were so disappointed. =-(


FullPlateMom 6:06 AM  

Sounds like our house, only we're UW all the way. I was on Homecoming Court. Joe played football. Go Badgers!

Robin 10:24 AM  

I'll just pretend I didn't read the words..."Texas stinks!" or see all that OU stuff. I have burned my eyes. ;)

Heather A. 4:56 PM  

Ok, "sooner" is what?

A. Gillispie 7:45 PM  

Heather! I'm shocked! You don't know your Oklahoma history?! LOL! During the Oklahoma landrun there were "Boomers" and "Sooners." Boomers were people who waited until the official start of the landrun to stake their claim. Sooners were those who went across the lines illegally before the start of the run. Watch "Far and Away" for the cinematic version!

whenpigsfly 8:38 PM  

OK, its not the OSU orange and black that Daniel will wear ( I have his bright orange outfit PACKED for his time with me in Liberia)but at least you didn't pick on the Cowboys! LOL!!!!!
OU and OSU have the most awesome and ferocious rivalry betweent universities you'll ever see, and we love it that way!!

A. Gillispie 8:51 PM  

Miss Linda, I know this is going to get your Cowboy blood boiling, but I have to say.... for a Sooner the Bedlam Rivalry is a distant second to the OU/Texas rivalry!! I just can't make myself cheer for Bevo lovers even if it's good for the Big 12, but we always hope OSU does well except for the day the play us! LOL!
P.S. I can love a Texan, just not on game day!

whenpigsfly 7:53 AM  

LOL! I guess I am just not in the OU love-hate loop. The MSU/U of M rivalries were never as much fun when we went to Michigan State as the OU/ OSU bedlam stuff we live with now, I gotta tell ya! We will have to geta photo of Daniel in his OSU duds beside Kendi decked out for OU, and when Samren and Naomi get married we will all have to sport those "house divided" license plates! good laughs!

A. Gillispie 8:39 AM  

Totally Linda! I told Samren that Naoimi wanted a large family and wanted to homeschool. He got a huge smile on his face and said, "Okay! I'm doing it! I'm marrying Naomi!" Guess we'll get around to details later! LOL!

Heather A. 6:13 PM  

Thank you for explaining that little bit of history! I actually feel a bit foolish now. I was thinking it was something like Hoosier, and even hoosiers don't know what the heck it is!