Monday, September 21, 2009

God is so cool!

Okay, so we've had our first big front of the autumn season today. Bright and sunshining all morning and then--BOOM!--at 2pm it turned black and the sky started falling! It was raining so hard; the kids were doing well at their studies; and I just didn't WANT to get out and drive across town to get Eric from work. I asked him if he could get a ride home from work. He tried. He failed. Oh well. It's not the first time we've trekked it across town in bad weather.

We were a bit late in getting everybody out the door (about 10 minutes) but I tried to put a smile on my face and be thankful that at least Eric has a job we need to go get him from! As were driving in our neighborhood I saw a lady walking in the rain. Yuck! It was down pouring! So I asked her if she needed a ride. No big deal. She was going to walk over 3 miles away because she had heard that a grocery store had jobs available. She was very glad for the ride, but said "That's not too far to walk for a job." Humbling...

Eric called just about the time I was going to drop the lady off. OUT OF THE BLUE his mom called and asked if she could give him a ride home because she was on that side of town. Yee-haw! So I got to bless someone with a 3 mile ride to a potential job, and God blessed ME from a 30 mile round trip drive to get Eric from work with flash floods all around (even the highways were closed)! Isn't God so cool?! HE IS SO COOL!

P.S. Pray for Barbara in Tulsa to get the job!


At the Foot of the Cross 5:38 PM  

My daughter can't drive either but she rides her adult three-wheeler to work in rain or shine. She's glad and we're glad that she has a job in our economically depressed part of the US.

She was not prepared for this afternoon's deluge. She arrived home completely soaked and looked like a drowned rat. At least it was warm and she laughed when Alex said " you peed your pants again". She gets wet during most rain storms!

Patty 6:22 PM  

Praying for Barbara, but hoping that she gets a job a little closer to home. I'd hate for her to have to walk like that all the time, especially with winter coming. Thanks for sharing her story and yours :)

Laurel 11:13 PM  

So we are headed your way in a few days, and you've got flash flooding? Great!

We left Western WA, where it is still practically summer weather (shorts & tank tops), and we are headed to TX (where it is supposed to still be shorts and tank top weather). So, we expected summer weather for our drive.

However ... it is already WINTER in Colorado. Yes, we have snow here. We were supposed to be camping in our tent trailer, but this nice family said we could sleep in their house. Brrr ...

Hope your weather clears up before Thursday. Can't wait to meet your precious family.


Michelle 10:03 AM  

It is such a blessing to be allowed to help others...something I forget when I try to keep from asking for help when I need it!

Faith 8:53 PM  

Wow! That is so cool! Faith