Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tom Brown

Friends in TX sent us roasted corn flour so that we could make "Tom Brown"--a Ghanaian porridge. I made it according to the recipe here. After it was made we added evaporated milk and a bit of sugar. It must have tasted pretty close to home because she ate that stuff up QUICK with a slice of Ghanaian-style white bread! You could just tell it was comfort food for her.
Bright tried it and as excited that it was "Ghana food" but didn't like it. Oh how he LOVED Tom Brown before he came home two years ago!
Taevy, or always adventurous eater (who loves popcorn) ate quite a bit (because it tastes a bit like popcorn porridge). A little later, she admitted that it wasn't sitting so well.
Samren tried it and gagged (literally). He is NOT an adventurous eater. Eric shared Samren's opinion!

I'm so glad to be able to give Kendi a little taste of home. She is such a trooper. We got our first "Me do wo" (I love you) tonight. We've been getting exclaimations of "Atu" (hug) for a few days. As I sit here writing this she is cuddled up in the crook of my arm. She's been home for two weeks today and it still feels like the honeymoon that will never end!
P.S. I did not put that hat on her. That was her own doing!


adopted1 11:31 PM  

I think I know what you mean about the "honeymoon" (I'm adopted myself and we've adopted 4 children) but I hope you don't mind if I give you a different perspective. I consider adoption (the WHOLE thing) a journey...there are bumps and twists and sometimes even detours...sometimes even bad storms. But rather than anticipate the wreck that could occur somewhere down the road, why not roll back the top on that cute little convertible, crank up the music and dance...even if it starts raining. Okay, so the word picture might not be perfect...perhaps a personal story will help. Our middle son is an 8 year old delightful, sweet, non-verbal non-ambulatory bundle of joy. Last winter we found out that what we thought was a brain injury was actually a progressive, life-limiting genetic condition. I COULD worry - worry that each Holiday is the last one spent as a family - worry that each episode of pneumonia will be "the last straw" etc. etc. OR I can sing and dance with joy over my boy, whom the Lord has blessed me with for TODAY. And that is enough for me. Today is enough. I don't need to worry about what tomorrow holds. That would rob today of the joy.
Sorry for the rant...just something near and dear to my heart! Blessings on you and your beautiful family, Jennifer

A. Gillispie 4:24 PM  

Adopted1, thanks for your comment! In my blogpost I was referring to a previous posted titled "honeymoon" in which I talked about how my life in general feels like a honeymoon because our family is now complete. =-)

I am not at all worried about Kendi's behavior "honeymoon" ending! This is our fourth adoption and we've had all kinds of surprises (medical, social, behavioral, cognitive). I learned long ago not to worry about such things. God is always there holding our hand through each struggle! I guess I just want to make it clear to those that may not know, that USUALLY a child's transition is not all peaches!

The pale observer 11:42 AM  

Great post!! I love Tom Brown but the one they make that adds peanut powder to the maize. Lots of condensed milk and sugar help too!

I also love that word, "Atu!" - melts your mouth when your little one says it.