Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Going with the flow...

First doctor appointment for Kendi today. She was running a fever last night, but not today. Ears are clear (thank goodness)! Chest is clear by x-ray (yea God)! But she's got quite a cough and a big chronic-looking sinus infection.

For a variety of reasons we found out the Pediatric Infectious Disease doctor we chose for Kendi in Kansas isn't the best choice. No PID doc in Tulsa (he just passed away). The docs in OKC are not great. Our pediatrician recommended the folks at Arkansas Children's. Our ped called them...they called us...and the short story is that we're heading to Little Rock tomorrow to be seen by Kendi's new PID doctor. She seems AWESOME (come on--she already called us on her own--major points there)! A 4 hour trip (each way) on Kendi's 2nd full day home was not on the agenda, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Please pray for her as she is likely NOT going to enjoy the ride.

I really have lots to write, but it's still to crazy to sit down and gather my thoughts. She's doing well though. Not sure if it's a honeymoon or not. Time will tell. She's her normal Kendi self as far as I can tell, but we haven't seen the rages that I expect in the future. Diva is coming out more regularly each hour. She's a total daddy's girl, but happy to come to me as well.

Here are the words we've heard so far...

beh (dog in Ga)
neck (as she felt my fat double neck, nice, right?! ugh)
Mama, I poop.

I also think she cussed out the ladies in Ga, that tried to take her blood this morning! LOL!

Okay, gotta get outside. I just saw tiny Kendi pushing 9 year old Taevy on the tricycle. Gosh, I love her.


Kristin Jag 6:15 PM  

what a sweetheart. We'll be praying for her trip tomorrow to the doctor! Glad she is home safe and sound!!

Amy 9:24 PM  

She is such a doll! Congrats again! And my sympathies on the infectious disease doc disaster...been there, done that. So glad you were able to regroup quickly.

The Waggoners 9:16 PM  

So excited for you all to be 'complete'!
We brought our Ghanian princess home about 9 months ago, to the great state of Oklahoma. She came home with a 'sinus infection', then another, then 'allergies'.....finally I said we need to see an ENT-she had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Her adenoids were blocking her airway 75%!! She has had NO issues since-I wish we had known and had them removed sooner. Not saying that is her issue at all-just felt the need to share our story in the hopes that if it is her problem it is an 'easy' fix.

Praising God for your beautiful family!

Iris 9:51 AM  

You have a great looking family, you're my inspiration can't wait for my turn. ( 2 little girls)