Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Some favorite photos of Kendi's Homecoming

The journey to Kendi begins at Tulsa International, 5:45am, SundayGoofy Taevy and Grandma in St. Paul

First sighting of Kendi and Susan in Chicago!
I like this photo because it tells the truth. It's candid. Me...completed. Taevy...so excited to meet her sister. Kendi....so exhausted in every way.
First communication after homecoming was when Kendi pointed to the mirror in the hotel room. Grandma B was happy to make a play session out of it.
Kendi, looking so sad and overwhelmed. But she's still so cute in this pic. We worked HARD to get that bow to stay in her hair for the half our it hung in there!
Taevy, at KFC. Yes, that was the sum total of our "Chicago adventure" because of Kendi's needs. Taevy said, "Mom, this day isn't about me. It's about Kendi." She was a super trooper settling for KFC and a few minutes in the hotel pool over downtown Chicago!
Taevy, almost back home in Tulsa, excited to introduce her sister to the rest of the family.
Me and my girls. My forever girls.
First family photo.
A boy and his balloons. =-) Bright has been SO AWESOME with Kendi so far. Tonight he said, "Mama, Kendi my best friend."
The party table, complete with ladybug cookie cakes.
All of the goodbyes to family and friends were said, and then it was just a daddy and his kids.
As soon as everybody left, Kendi awakened from her trauma mode and began to introduce herself to the family. They were all playing Polly Pockets within 10 minutes.
A bit later, time to introduce Kendi to her bedroom. She got really excited about the baby dolls on the bed, and the play kitchen. She won't be sleeping in there for quite a while, but she knows it's there waiting for her now.
First bath after homecoming. Who else is shocked that Kendi and Bright are so close in color? I always thought she was so much lighter than him, but there really isn't much of a difference. Two beautifully dark children, I have!
After a long day of airplane rides, and welcome home parties, and playing with siblings, and seeing new things, and sitting down in the bath for the first time, Kendi snuggled into her daddy's arms and called it a night. She L.O.V.E.S. her daddy! And for Eric it's such a gift, since Bright wanted nothing to do with him at first. Eric is completely smitten with his youngest.
Today between doctor's appointments and the not-so-fun stuff we have had great moments. Pictures are in my head that I don't have on my camera.
Kendi...a child after my own heart when we walked into Target (to get medicine) and she immediately got excited by the $1 items. "Ma! Dat! Dat!"
Kendi...saying "Mommy!" and then making the universal Eban House sign for "I want a drink" (hand to mouth as if you are squeezing water out of a bag).
All four kids...sitting on the front yard, heads down, concentrating on cracking pecans that have fallen off of the tree.
At the dentist's office...with Kendi and Bright on my lap...Bright kisses my lips, then Kendi kisses my lips, then Bright, then Kendi. Then remembering that this was exactly a dream I had last week. Then real life getting even better as all four of my children lined up for me to kiss them one by one, over and over again. The office staff must have thought we were nuts, but I don't turn down kid kisses!
Eric...taking so much pride in his baby girl. Wanting to carry her everywhere. Giving her every ounce of love she will take from him.
Samren...walking up to Eric and I, putting his arms around us, and saying, "Mommy and daddy. You did good."
Taevy...walking in after playing outside with Kendi, and saying, "Mommy, she is such a good little sister! She plays so good!"
Kendi...running away in terror screaming "Beh! Beh! BEH!!!!!!!!" (Ga for dog) as our big gulumpity dogs try to lick her. She's convinced they were tasting her instead.
Pulling out 4 bowls for 4 kids to eat out of, and then realizing that this time I hadn't made a mistake. All of my kids are finally here. Then seeing my children around the table eating their first meal together.
So many memories being made each second it seems. It feels like "the rest of my life" has finally begun. My family is complete. This is us. This is our clan, forever. I have felt contentment in my family before, but never completion. This feeling is so very good. After nine years of family-building we have all arrived and made a family together. Praise God.


Darrell and Jess 8:53 PM  

awwww.... I love this post!! I love the pictures - such beautiful kids! And I love kendi's bedroom - so cute! :)

Kerry 9:26 PM  

Anita - Congratulations to your entire family on the joyous occasion of Kendi's arrival. She looks like a girl that will have a bright and infectious smile...and I am sure that smile will be a frequent occurence very soon with such a dear and loving family!

My prayers and joy and with you today!

Kerry - from AdoptingfromGhana yahoo group

ManyBlessings 9:54 PM  

AWww...I'm so so happy for you!!!

Spike and Tuna Jones 10:34 PM  

crying .. so joyful. so glad to share this experience with you via blogworld.

blessedfamily 10:59 PM  

Beautiful post! So very glad she's home.

JG from AdoptingFromGhana Group

Calico Sky 2:46 AM  

Congratulations Anita! As a pre-adopter I've never really thought about what it will feel like to be complete, to feel I'm done building and now just concentrating on being. It sounds lovely! I too am hoping for at least 4, so I know I need to just keep on trucking for a good 10 years.
Congtats again! Lovely pictures!

Laurel 3:31 AM  

What a BEAUTIFUL post! Thanks for sharing so many details, it makes us feel like we're right there with you ... I can picture all of it so clearly.

BIG blessings to you and your family ... and, hoping to meet you in a couple of weeks.


Laurel :)

Jodie 6:53 AM  

Congratulations! What a wonderful and blessed homecoming. I busted out a few tears reading your summary of the last few days. What an amazing journey!

At the Foot of the Cross 7:32 AM  

Thanks for sharing some intimate moments with us! What a blessing. I look forward to lots of wonderful stories of life with your family!

Andrea 8:07 AM  


Momto14 11:39 AM  

simply awesome

Christina 12:18 PM  

Congratulations, to all of you. She is beautiful and what a neat thing to see the progression in photos from scared stranger to comfortable daughter! You are blessed.

Robin Dodd Photography 4:08 PM  

How Awesome!!!!!!!! She is such a cutie!!!

Chrissy 5:54 PM  

Anita - this is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all! You have an amazing family! I can't wait to go through the up's and down's and get to this "exhale" point in the journey! Blessings!

Welcome 6:25 PM  

Tirzah was soooo excited to see these pictures (me too!)

bbqdaisy 9:21 PM  

Thank you for sharing ALL of the pictures AND the PRECIOUS moments with your new beatiful daughter!!
What glowing JOY!!!!!
Blessings in HIM!

C and G 10:47 PM  

How beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful!