Wednesday, September 30, 2009

H1N1 N D House

I just got over my ucky cold and Samren comes down with something much more ucky. Poor kid.

One of my friends back when we were adopting Taevy told me that motherhood was all about guilt. I don't think it's ALL about guilt but there is definitely a certain amount of guilt involved! Samren started telling me yesterday that he didn't feel good. Of course this corresponded with me wanting him to do his school work, and he magically felt better when he wanted to go outside and play. Then he popped up with a 103 fever last night, and threw up in the middle of the night. GUILT! I didn't give him any breaks yesterday when I thought he was faking it. Of course now he's getting all of the mommy attention he can handle!

First thing this morning we headed to the doctor's office....mommy and her 4 ducklings all in a row. At first the doc thought it was cute that I had them all sitting on the exam table, but as soon as he saw Samren he had me herd the other three to the other side of the room. They gave him the H1N1 test (positive) but told me that the test is only accurate 3 out of 4 times! Samren had all the symptoms of H1N1 so he would be getting the treatment regardless of the test result. Okay.... on to the next duckling...

The doc (not our normal doc) knew about Kendi's HIV, so she was his next examinee. She's totally fine at this point, but within a few minutes we were on the phone with her docs in Arkansas to see what they wanted to do. As a precautionary measure Kendi will be starting the H1N1 treatment with her brother. [Update: She's not quite acting like herself. May be at the edge of it herself.]

I've got scripts for the other two ducklings to fill as soon as they start showing symptoms. The doc said it's more of a "when" rather than "if" thing.

Next stop was Eric's dialysis clinic, to inquire about what he needed to do, if anything. After all, Kendi isn't as immune compromised at this point as Eric is, and they put her on the medicine. But Eric's docs didn't prescribe to that method and told us instead "Keep him away from the children and make him take hand sanitizer everywhere." Okay, no problem. Keep him away from his 4 kids. Hmm... it think we might be able to put him in a closet upstairs somewhere. Not!

The grandparents have been called in to help transport Eric to and from work. We figure it's not the BEST idea for Eric to be cooped up in a small SUV with 1 definitely sick kid and 3 potentially sick kids. Maybe he has a shot at not getting it if he's not cooped up in the car with the sickies.

That's our news for the day. Off to play nurse mommy some more.



Cora 3:22 PM  

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! The flu is awful. Thinking of you.

Erika 9:02 PM  

Actually, I don't think it's ALWAYS a 'when' thing. Most people I know who have H1N1 managed to not infect the rest of their house, which hopefully be what happens to you guys. Of course, you've all been exposed already, so while hand santizer is good, it's going to be too late if it's already doing its thing while not showing symptoms yet.

Fun times!

PS Oh and I dismissed Kai's stomach aches last year and ended up getting thrown up on. It happens to all of us. :)

We are Grateful!!! 3:54 PM  

Have lots and lots of fluids!!! My college daughter was one of the first on her campus to get the virus last spring. She spent a night in the ER and then was quarantined to her apt. along with her six roommates for almost a week. Thankfully, none of her roommates go the virus. Praying for you all.
Blessings, Tami
PS. Dr's have said now that she has had it she won't get it again.