Thursday, September 17, 2009

Khmer Through and Through

If you're a Khmer gal and it's your birthday, what do you choose for breakfast? Why, a plate full of shrimp of course! Nice and icy cold! I could not wait for her to brush her teeth after this yummy (to her) breakfast! LOL! The rest of the year we just have to suffer through her shrimp flavored ramen noodles for breakfast. =-)

P.S. What did she choose for dinner tonight? She mixed it up with some fried shrimp!


mary grace 2:05 PM  

Isn't that funny? My fifteen month-old Hispanic son loves spicy foods. he ate a jalapeno before we could stop him at a restaurant ... and asked for more!

whenpigsfly 11:45 PM  

sounds totally normal for our house too! Some of my all time favorite breakfasts were of stir fried shrimp right after I'd completed the delivery of a Vietnamese baby back in Louisiana bajou country, too. Does she like cabbage or cilantro in her ramen? Those are staples for our "ramen cha"...maybe some egg, maybe a slice or two of chopped up deli sliced ham, or just veggies, and of course jalepenos and red Thai chili sauce.
Hope your day was super Taevy! I love Cracker Barrel too