Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Taevy Baby

It's hard to believe that my first baby is nine years old now. Tomorrow is her b-day, but Cambodia is 12 hours ahead, so we opened her few gifts tonight. It is surreal to me that 9 years ago today we had our first ever homestudy visit, and Taevy's birth mother was in labor. There was bad flooding in Cambodia the month Taevy was born. It was devestating and thousands of people were uprooted. We've often wondered if that could have had something to do with her relinquishment.

We got our first photo of Taevy when she was only 34 days old. She was a tiny 7 pounds at 17.5 inches at that time. Now she's a tally, skinny, beautiful (inside and out) "tween." I see more and more glimpses of the woman she could someday be. I see an amazing caretaker. I see a compassionate humanitarian. I see a daughter of Christ.

Happy Birthday Taevy Baby. You will always be my baby girl.


Salzwedel Family 10:24 PM  

Happy Birthday Taevy!

Cora 1:50 PM  

What a lovely girl. Happy Birthday Taevy! I hope it is a wonderful and special day.

whenpigsfly 3:42 PM  

Happy Birthday Taevy! How amazing that I have known you almost as long as Taevy has been alive Anita!
Have a super special day!
Auntie Linda
and al lthe Calico Acres Farm cousins

waitingarms 5:48 PM  

Happy Birthday Taevy!