Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toddler Photo Session

Kendi and Bright were all lotioned up and looking supple in their diaper/pullups, so I thought it would be a good time to try to take some photos of them. Oh my word, I forgot about toddler photo sessions! It's so neat to have two little ones again. Taevy and Samren are 13 months apart. Although it was crazy when they were little, they were (and still are) the best of friends. I just have a feeling that Bright and Kendi are going to be the same way. It's definitely "monkey see money do" around here! Whatever he does she does, and whatever she does, he does--good or bad. Made for some pretty funny pictures tonight!Just for fun, here are some pics of Taevy and Samren six years ago (can that be?!) when they were (almost) two and three years old. Excuse Samren's supper puffy cheeks--he was on mega doses of prednisone (steroid) at the time.


Andrea 6:18 AM  

SO cute!!!

Stacey 8:59 AM  

What cute kids. You are blessed plenty!

blessedfamily 7:17 PM  

Your kids are beautiful!