Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's see, what does she eat?

Pretty much everything! I have been really surprised at how well Kendi eats. Of course, it's all on her terms. Sometimes she MUST eat it herself. Sometimes she simply MUST be on my lap with me spoon feeding her. With a child who is 9 squares (deviations???) below the growth charts in weight--at 20 poinds--she can eat however she wants as long as she eats! We really haven't found anything so far that she won't eat, if it's on her terms. My child rocks! LOL!



Amy 11:36 PM  

No Picante sauce necessary! Wonderful! Love hearing about Kendi being home. Love. It!


Adoption Advocates International 9:51 AM  

I could NOT believe how much that little girl put away on the plane...and I only had one poopy diaper to deal with!