Friday, September 11, 2009

"Mama, poop."

You know what's not nice? Having a 27 month old newly home from Ghana that has to poop 5-8 times a day. Especially after having Bright, who "goes" once a week, or twice on a bad week! I was a *tad* spoiled with Bright. =-)

You know what's nice? Having a 27 month newly home from Ghana that tells you almost every time she has to poop. "Mama! Poop!" as she points to her boody. Love it!


Kristin Jag 12:42 AM  

Ha! That is so much like Fia and Kwame! We were exhausted from just going to the bathroom and excited at the same time that even though they weren't potty trained, they have never gone #2 in their pants. I think I had to get up twice every waking hour on the plane b/c when one needed to go, then the other did too. It lasted awhile after getting home. Now they are very 'regular', but it is still at least once a day.