Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fall Fun Friday

(Four little pumpkins...)
Yesterday was SUCH a fun day. The kids and I had a major case of cabin fever after being cooped up in the house all week. I heard about a fall bazaar benefiting a local boys' ranch. Seemed like a good way to spend a few hours out in the GLORIOUS weather. It was a little challenging with the little kids, who wanted to wonder off. It's the first time I pulled out the little backpack harnesses we purchased! LOL!
The bazaar was in a BEAUTIFUL area, so there were lots of good picture opportunities. My mom has requested a good picture of all four of the kids together, which is a very tall order since Kendi has decided she will NOT be a camera diva! There were a few accidents in which, despite herself, Kendi almost took a good picture. Ha! I love digital cameras!

After the bazaar the kids and I were nowhere ready to go home, so we went garage saling. We hit the motherload with an almost all clothes sale where the clothes were .25 each! We also hit a sale where the woman had cloth scraps for sale very cheap. The kids have been playing with those scraps all morning long. Kendi and Bright have been pretending to get married. Of course you know Bright--so they are both the Bride in white. ;-)
Finally it was time to go get Eric from work. We headed to Chick-Fil-A for Bright's birthday dinner. We never get to go there because of it's location. Friday night must be THE night to go to Chick-Fil-A because "the Cow" mascot was there to greet the kids. They handed out ice cream to all of the customers, and in general it was just a great place to eat dinner. So nice to hear Christian music on the radio and have openly Christian employees greeting us with "God Bless You!" [If you didn't know, Chick-Fil-A is a Christian franchise--even closed on Sundays!]After dinner we decided it was a great evening to go to the Pumkin Patch! In our area you don't actually go to a feild were pumpkins are growing. They have already picked the pumpkins and put them in piles. Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous setting. Pumpkin Patch pictures are a big tradition with us. It was hard for me to "let go" of the fact that I didn't have the kids all dressed up in Autumn clothes that coordinate. But that's the price you pay for spontaneity, I guess! We still got some decent pictures. More importantly, it was a great memory!
We went to a new place this year. They had came rides (!) and a nice petting zoo. Taevy and I really loved petting the horses. We both dream of owning a horse someday. There was a small maze made from hay bales, and wagons to pull your pumpkins (gourd or child type).
It was a great, great day. By the end of the day Samren was more than spent, and Kendi's fever was peeking out as well. We're sticking close to home for the rest of the weekend, just to make sure the flu bug isn't spread to football/cheer or church friends.
I hope you all have a beautiful autumn weekend with your families!
P.S. I got motivated and finally changed the blog "look." =-)


Old Woman Marine 8:08 PM  

Those pics yielded the biggest/longest grin of my week. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you are feeling better!! :)

whenpigsfly 10:45 PM  

WOW, you were not kidding about Kendi and not being a camera dive!! Th photo with Taevys' hair flying is pretty close to a smiling Kendi photo.SO CUTE Anita!!!!