Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy John Cabot Day!

The kids are learning about John Cabot in school right now. They decided that his exploration of North America (the first since Leif Erikson) is AT LEAST as important as Christopher Columbus exploring Central and South America. Taevy said, "We have a whole day for Columbus, but no John Cabot day!" So we've decided that in Gillispieland October 31st will be John Cabot Day. LOL! =-)

The kids had fun visiting their grand parents and great grandparents tonight. Then they did some trick or treating in their neighborhood. Of course Kendi got a lot of attention because she was absolutely adorable in her ladybug costume. She was so funny. It didn't take her two seconds to get the hang of it. She ran up to those doors shouting her version of "Trick or treat!", with her candy bag wide open. Then she'd say "tanku" and off she'd run to the next house. The look in her eyes was like, "Really? In this country you just knock on a door and people give you toffee for free? Really? This rocks!"
After the grandparents' neighborhood we headed home for a quick up and down on our own street, so the neighbors could see the kiddos. By this time the kids were pretty wiped out and gripey. The Diva insisted on her chariot (stroller), only getting up for the last few steps of the journey to the next door. I would say Bright was the most enthusiastic of the four. He would have gone to houses for free candy for another 3 hours!
Well, I don't know about you but I'm glad another October 31st has passed. On to MUCH better holidays!!

P.S. We'd appreciate your prayers for healing. Since we're a one car family and it's not too safe for Eric to stay home with the kids, when one of us is sick we pretty much all have to stay home from church. We get SICK of missing church because of illness, and we fight it all fall/winter long. I got Kendi's cold, which seems to be morphing into something more sinister. It stinks being sick!


Laurel 1:37 AM  

LOVE Kendi's costume! Oh yea ... I can just picture what her mind is thinking. "All the free toffee I want??? America is FUN!"

mama of 13