Friday, October 09, 2009

Homeschool Decisions--Check!

Well, it's been a great week. A busy week in the best way. After delving back into the world of homeschool curriculum choices we have finally come to a decision. I feel so good about it!

We'll be using Heart of Dakota curriculum. I have one friend who is using this at a Kindergarten level and loves it. I will so enjoy teaching Taevy and Samren TOGETHER--and they enjoy that too. They will have separate math and reading/phonics programs, but will do English together (Taevy needs to back up there). We will be using Explode the Code (workbooks) for phonics/reading; Singapore math; Rod and Staff English and Science; A Reason for Handwriting; and all will be brought together with the Heart of Dakota program (which adds History and Bible study). We'll also add for $20 a month. It's an online school curriculum that will just be "bonus" for my kids.

In case anybody is curious about the cost, the total cost for my two kids will be around $220. We've got to wait another week before we can order, but in the scheme of things that's not huge.

I've been doing some school with the kids this week--just a very light schedule. We've done handwriting, Explode the Code, Science (stuff I found online) and language arts. The kids already seem so much happier! Of course it could be the novelty of it, but I hope not. We have been able to spent much more time on character building and Christian education than we could with K12's very demanding schedule.

It's felt "right" to have Bright continue with his preschool program through the public schools, but it's starting not to feel as right. He is doing AWESOME academically (working on Kindergarten skills) but has some issues that aren't so great that he needs to work on at home. His food issues and issues with anger that are coming more to the surface every day. He is just at that stage where his frustration gets so great that he SCREAMS instead of using his words. But he doesn't show these behaviors at school. All that to say, we think Bright will be joining everybody else at home before long. =-)

I hope everybody has a great weekend!!!


thecurryseven 5:51 PM  

I'm glad you're finding things that work for your family. I have to say Explode tthe code nd Rod and Staff are two of my favorites.

mary grace 1:16 PM  

I love watching new homeschoolers find their groove! YEAH for what works!!!

(Incidentally, we've used time4learning and *loved* it. Well worth the $$ for us.)

Proverbs31Wife 9:43 PM  

Thank you for sharing your details on homeschooling and curriculum. I teach our 4 (5th, 3rd, K & K). We have a baby who is 1yr, then our daughter who will be joining us soon from Ghana will be my third Kindergartener! I am going to look into the things you are using. We generally use Sonlight. We love reading together... But I am horrible at structuring our days. Love to hear how it goes.

Monica 10:55 PM  

Hey Anita

MO here..I sent you an email last week..Did you get it? Praying ALL is well with your family.

Megan 2:44 PM  

Good for you! I am glad it is all coming together for you. It is a wonderful feeling!!