Friday, October 09, 2009


It's cold! Okay--ya'll in the northern states are probably laughing but we have Christmas days with higher temps than we saw today. It was hovering around 50! LOL! We don't have winter coats yet, but that wasn't going to stop the kids from playing outside. We put 3 layers and hats on the littles. The big ones were good with lesser protection.

They are all so cute together. Love 'em!

We've got our last football game of the season tomorrow morning. We are going to freeze our hineys off! 30's!



Mike and Sherri 3:15 PM  

I just stumbled across your blog looking for others who have adopted from Ghana. What a beautiful family. A real blessing to see.

Darrell and Jess 10:39 PM  

hmmm... that is about 10 degrees celcius. Ya that's not cold at all! We are sitting around 0 right now - which is...about 32. And its only going to get colder for us!
It's all what you're used to though! :)

Sister Beta 10:46 AM  

Brrr is right!! Keep those cuties bundled up. :)

Megan 2:41 PM  

Love the pics! Jet saw his first snow 4 days ago! But that was REALLY early for us. Your family is beautiful!