Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seriously. Seriously?!

(Samren, saying "Got you!")

Today I was checking our bank account to see if we might have enough money in there for me to go ahead and buy the kids homeschool curriculum. They are bored. And I am bored. We want school! We do some things, but it's not enough. Going from school on unhealthy steroids (K12) to basically unschooling is hard on the system! It's like an Oklahoma fall where one day it is sunny and 75 degrees and the next day it is drizzling and 35 degrees. Shocks the system! I digress...

I checked the bank account. And I notice a charge for "Frogster" coming from Berlin. Huh? I call Eric. Did you buy an online interactive game last night for $149? Nope. Crud! I called the bank as I looked at our banking history. More and more charges. We've been fraudulated! Okay, that's not a word, but there needs to be a word for when fraud happens to you!

Way back in March we got new bank cards from our Bank, out of the blue. The bank said some information had been stolen and as a precaution they were sending new cards. The old cards would be automatically shut down "soon." Okey-dokie. Eric was a good boy and transferred to his new card quickly. He cut up and threw out the old card. I was not a good girl. I procrastinated. I do that. But in August (a week before they were actually going to close down my old card) I cut up my old card and changed to the new one.

Life went on. But I've mentioned on the blog that we've been tight on money lately. We normally have a bit of a cushion but for some reason it just hasn't been there. We are not people that balance our check book. Our expenses are pretty consistent. We just go with the flow. But like I said, no cushion. We didn't have the money to buy the kids' curriculum until my pay day. Normally we would have that money.

Come to find out, little by little over the last many months, these fraudsters have been seeping money out of our account! $10 here. $50 there. To the tune of about $750!!!!

I'm telling you, we Gillispies have awesome luck (not). Seriously, Eric has the WORST luck. If there is a 1 in 2 chance that something bad will happen, those aren't good odds around here. For instance, the Yellow Fever Vaccine. There is a low incidence of any problems even with someone whose kidney is compromised. However, if you do have an issue, there is a 1 in 2 chance that you will die. Needless to say, those odds aren't good enough for Eric to get the vaccine--no West Africa for him!

Hardly anybody in Oklahoma was actually affected by the information that had been stolen and compromised our bank cards. But both Eric and I got hit! Even the bank guy said we had some kind of luck. Yep. Some kind of luck. Not the type you want though! Eric's card is the one that was most badly hit because the old card still hadn't been closed down by the bank (until today).

But there is good news in this. All of the fraudulent charges should be credited to our account in about 10 business days. Woo-hoo!! Christmas money! So take THAT you frauds, you! This all just turned out to be like a Christmas savings account for me and mine! Ha! You better enjoy those video games and fancy beauty products now, before the coppers come to get you!


Cora 2:30 PM  

I am so sorry that happened, I am glad to hear you are getting it back and so soon.

The Eisele Family 2:42 PM  

Lovely, Anita! Someone stole Jon's debit card # a couple of years ago and along with a lot of expensive plane tickets made a purchase from an online Christian bookstore. Seriously?! Guess they needed that Bible! Hope it all gets taken care of soon.

Megan 3:47 PM  

Oh, Angie, I am so sorry this happened to you both! You have a great attitude about it though! Great savings for Christmas and school books. Yipeee!


whenpigsfly 10:12 PM  

That is so scary when it happens! Happened to us once years back. NO FUN to get cleaned up. GLAD you're OK!! I'm not a regular balancer either (ok I rarely balance our account for same reasons as you...steady out go and good mental perpetual inventory) so I can see how that can happen to a person!

Brown Eyed Blessings 3:29 PM  

Ugh! So sorry that happened. My parents had their banking information stolen a last year and it was a pain, but they did get it all taken care of.

Oh, and I know it's so silly to say this but it made me so happy to see that you don't balance your bank account either! I know it's terrible but we just don't do that. Our expenses are pretty predictable and we check our account online regularly to watch for any mistakes - but we don't balance the checkbook. I've always felt kind of embarassed about that but now I know I'm not the only one so thanks! :)

A. Gillispie 6:09 PM  

You are NOT the only one! My mother just can't believe that we don't balance a checkbook. But we hardly EVER use checks. The online banking makes it easy to keep up with everything!